LED Bulbs

  1. What Is A GU10 Light Bulb?

    What Is A GU10 Light Bulb?
    In simplest terms, a GU10 light bulb is a unit which is designed to fit into downward lighting fixtures (such as high hats) and spotlights. However, it should be noted that the GU10 series is actually quite different than a normal bulb. So, what are the main hallmarks of this design and which features have allowed such a model to be so very popular for a variety of downward lighting needs? Let us take a closer look at the answers to both of these questions.
  2. LED Bulbs - The More Homely Lighting Solution

    LED Bulbs - The More Homely Lighting Solution
    Lighting the most hidden corners of the room can be tricky. Avoid the embarrassment of being in a brilliant space only to get a raw deal of the ambiance due to the inappropriate or sub-standard lighting. Switch to the LED Bulbs.
  3. Bulb & Cap Types

    Bulb & Cap Types
    The different bulb & cap types
  4. GU10 LED Guide

    GU10 LED Guide
    Looking for low energy LEDs? Check out our Guide for Philips lamps and other branded LED's.