Make Your Garden An LED Fairytale

Make Your Garden An LED Fairytale

LED floodlights are a handy addition to any outdoor environment. They are great at making your garden stand out from the rest. If you have a respectful garden and you put a lot of effort into making it look beautiful, why would you only want to enjoy that in the daytime? Outdoor approved Floodlights will make your garden breathtaking they can be strategically positioned to highlight the most lavish garden features.

You can consistently use them and they are 8 times more efficient than standard halogen lights. There are many advantages of using LED floodlights, here are a few:

• They are eco friendly

• There is a wide variety of lighting

• They have an extremely long lifespan

• They can be used to specifically direct a person’s attention

At our floodlights use 80% less power than conventional halogen flood lights, the average life of one of our floodlights is over 30,000 hours. This isn’t just impressive it is also practical, you don’t have to worry about changing bulbs as often. If like me, you spend a lot of time tending to your garden, it’s not convenient constantly tending to the garden lighting system as well.

Floodlights can complement a gardens beauty, but another vitally significant use for them involves security. On a serious note, LED spotlights can make an effective deterrent for burglars. We have a selection of sensor operated lights on sale, which will illuminate if a trespasser enters the area. Alternatively they can remain on at all times and increase security of auto mobiles and drive ways, by ensuring the area is brightly lit at all times you become less vulnerable.

Flood lights are theatrical, think of garden parties in the summer. Floodlights will be ideal for prolonging the life of your party. Combine them with LED fairy lights and lanterns and you have a magical garden getaway, your guests will definitely be impressed. When people consider garden lighting, they immediately consider a bright white light. However what can really work well outdoors is blue or green lighting, the green hue can accent any foliage in your garden as seen in the picture. If the lighting is paired with a contrasting blue it gives a professional fairytale look that wouldn’t be out of place in a mystical children’s story. So LED floodlights are both practical and beautiful, a worthy investment for any family home.

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