How Your Office Can Save Hundreds With LED Lighting

How Your Office Can Save Hundreds With LED Lighting

LED lighting has received a fair amount of publicity in recent years, and for good reason. Not only are these fixtures able to provide a much crisper light than traditional incandescent units, but there are a number of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from.

These traits have enabled such office lighting to be present within the modern work environment. However, the cost savings involved will certainly appeal to any manager. How can you save literally hundreds of pounds each year by replacing incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with their LED counterparts? Let’s take a closer look.

Electrical Bills
One of the main benefits of any LED lighting system is that it will generate much less heat. In turn, this makes the entire fixture much more efficient in terms of energy consumption. This is very important within an office environment that may require constant lighting throughout the day and evening. Such savings will quickly add up over time. It is also worth mentioning that there are a number of “green” energy incentives throughout the United Kingdom. These can offer valuable rebates and even cash back when a commercial property switches to LED office lighting.

It was mentioned in the last paragraph that LED bulbs generate much less heat than incandescent lights. While this is critical from the point of view of energy consumption, less heat equates to a longer lifespan of the bulb and fixture. So, offices can now expect to enjoy a much more impressive longevity with any LED system. For example, the traditional incandescent bulb (60 watts) has a lifespan of approximately 1,000 hours. This is then compared with the impressive 30,000 hours which are offered by high-end LED fixtures. The cost savings here should be obvious.

It should now be clear why switching to LED fixtures is an excellent option for those who wish to save money in the office. At Downlights Direct, we are pleased to be able to offer you a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs to meet your unique needs.


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