Customer Name: James

Room: Home Office

We decided to use LED lighting for all areas, making use of the dimming Philips 7W GU10 mains bulbs as our chosen downlighter in combination with the fire rated iCage. This gave us a simple installation without the need for costly transformers but still being able to dim the main lighting and power save! In the end we were able to provide general lighting to the whole office area with LED bulbs for less power output then that of just one 50W low voltage halogen!! And no the quality, brightness and colour temperature was not compromised! And yes before I started out it was a concern that this would be the case.

[caption id="attachment_22" align="alignright" width="245"] Extra warm white (2700K) 7W Philips Master LED bulbs housed in i-cage downlights provide you the equivalent brightness of 50W halogen bulbs but save you 90% on energy and last up to 20x longer![/caption]

In order to save office desk space and again make use of a quality LED fitting we opted for surface mounted LED strip lights in-cased in aluminium channels for protection, overall design look and also to soften the output via the channels frosted front. We kept with extra warm colouring of all LED bulbs of the 2700K range. A decision which Downlights Direct helped us with and something we are really pleased we went for in the end as the colour temperature is just right, originally we were looking at the 4000k White range of the colour temperature, so glad we changed our minds for our installation!

Finally additional uplighters were requested on top of the office wall cabinets to create a general wash of light. RGB LED strips were chosen due to the option of being able to easily dim the strip without having to wire for a 10 volt control supply, plus we had the advantage of being able to change the colour of the ceiling!!

In order to add LED stripping on top of other cabinets in the office which were on other walls we used extension cables to link the RGB strip together to keep them in sync with each other, again Downlights Direct provided help and wiring diagrams for this as well as testing for the need, or not for amplifiers.

Loft Caps over the top of the downlighters finished the installation and provided the additional barrier for sound and heat loss and added protection for lamp life.

[caption id="attachment_23" align="alignleft" width="216"] RGB LED Strip installed on top of the cabinet can be controlled remotely, allowing you to change the colour as you please.[/caption]

All the products discussed with Downlights Direct were all perfect for the installation in hand and we would not change any of the fitting originally picked. Unfortunately were was some damage to one of the Loft Caps and a missing iCage holder, all of which were replaced and posted off within 2 working days. The RGB strip had a few issues to start with but after a few calls with Chris at Downlights Direct and a couple replacement parts all was up and running ASAP.

Any problems were quickly dealt with and resolved and all in all we are very happy with the end result. Colour temperature spot on, and very happy with the final decision to in case the LED strip light for the desk lighting, a fair bit extra in terms of cost but a 100% better job in terms of finish!