What Is The Best Lighting For Your Kitchen?

What Is The Best Lighting For Your Kitchen?

The kitchen serves many functions. When it comes to preparing food, eating or entertaining the kitchen is the one room in the house where we spend a lot of our time. The best kind of kitchen lighting is one where not only can we see clearly, it also means that we can work safely.

When planning the best lighting for the kitchen, it is important to take account of the size and shape of the room. Since the kitchen has a number of different functions, the likelihood is that the best type will be not one but a combination of different types.
The best type of light to use when working in the kitchen is natural light. This may not always be possible because of the size or shape of the kitchen. Using natural light may leave the kitchen in darkness. In addition to natural light, the best kind of kitchen lighting should include a mixture of the following types.

Task Lighting – Overhead lighting will provide you with enough coverage in the kitchen. Some areas will, however, need more direct lighting when carrying out tasks in the kitchen. A high level of task lighting is best when it comes to performing tasks such as food preparation, cooking, or working at the sink.

General Lighting – This is the catch-all type of lighting that will provide general illumination in an area. It can include anything from a single light on the ceiling to a basic lamp on a table.

Recessed Lighting – By deploying them in the kitchen ceiling in the right numbers, they can provide a gentle, shadow free even light. They can be energy and cost efficient as well if LED bulbs are used.

The best type of kitchen lighting is one where you can avoid having to rely on a single ceiling light in the middle of the room. Having just a single light can cause shadows around the room. Similarly, you need to avoid putting lighting in places around the kitchen where they might dazzle you if you are carrying boiling water or sharp implements.


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