Light Up Your Life With Our Made-To-Measure LED Strip Lighting

Light Up Your Life With Our Made-To-Measure LED Strip Lighting

The big benefit of Downlights Directs’ unique, LED strip lighting is that it is easy to install and can be fitted to almost any surface, meaning you can design and install your own lighting setup to your exact specification. You can create anything from a relaxing warm white lighting effect to colour changing strip allowing you to select the colour you want, when you want it, all at the touch of a button.

LED Strip fitted around the base of a bed. Just one of the many applications of LED Strip Fit

Our LED strip lighting is sealed to IP65, providing a resistance to both water and dust. The robust quality design, combines reliability with brightness and is made to last for many years. By using the appropriate controller, single colour LED strips can be dimmed to the setting of your choice. Colour changing strips provide you with the choice of sixteen colours and allow fading or strobe effects – ideal for parties. It comes with a 3M self-adhesive backing that can be stuck directly to any clean surface. Our quick order kits are available in 500mm or 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 metre lengths, each including power supplies and connecting cables. Providing a plug and play installation, no special tools or electrical knowledge required.

LED strip can be controlled by anything from a simple on/off light switch or by a PC or even Iphone. PC or Iphone control requires other accessories which we are also able to provide.

Each LED strip light is packaged individually and we are able to offer full support and help with wiring as we are experienced in the most complex installations.

You’re only four steps away from your very own LED strip kit.

1. Select your LED strip. 

Which colour you want, the brightness (30 or 60 LED per metre) and the length.

2. Select your power supply.

Choose between plug in or hard wired power supplies. For longer runs (over 10 metres) a hard wired power supply must be used. Or for dimmable LED tape all you need is one of our mains dimmable LED drivers and you can dim LED tape using a TRIAC dimmer switch.

3. Select your controller.

Most single colour strips won’t require any controllers as they will work off a standard light switch. Colour changing LED strips will require a controller, with infra-red being the most popular choice. Other more advanced controllers are also available.

4. Select any special order items.

This is something that sets Downlights Direct from the competition. We offer a large range of accessories such as special cable lengths, L shapes and any other bespoke accessories you may require. If you need any special lengths or connections, please contact us.

LED Strip has been successfully used in commercial applications for many years but until recently was deemed too expensive and too complicated for domestic use. Our aim is to supply easy to use LED strips at affordable prices. We have two types available; 30 LED per metre or the super bright 60 LED per metre. When used under a kitchen cabinet both types of strip shine the light in a seamless stream of illumination. For larger commercial users there are no limits to what we can do, please contact us for special orders via our email or telephone.

Colour changing LED strip can even be used as a professional Christmas lighting solution, grab this offer now and give yourself a bespoke present to light up your life all year round!

 Order now through our easy 3 step process

  • Online, with our easy order LED strip kits, or build your own LED lighting strip by ordering the parts individually.
  • E-Mail a list or a drawing of exactly what you require and we will quote you everything you need including power supplies, controllers and an easy to follow wiring diagram.
  • Telephone – 01706 521188

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