COB Seamless LED Tape 15W/M with High CRI

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Our latest COB (Chip on Board) flexible LED tape light is set to shake up the lighting industry. This highly advanced offering sets new standards for LED strip lighting, with its dot-free lighting array and invisible LED chips.

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  • Features

    Our latest COB (Chip on Board) flexible LED tape light is set to shake up the lighting industry. This highly advanced offering sets new standards for LED strip lighting, with its dot-free lighting array and invisible LED chips. Delivering a fluorescent-like linear illumination.

    It has an impressive 480 LEDs per metre behind a totally diffused COB style phosphor cover. Priced per metre, it can be cut and soldered to your exact specifications with its 50mm cut points, or it can be supplied on 10 metre or even 30 metre reels for the IP20 rated version. You will need to consider 'volt drop' issues with longer runs of over 10 metres but their are numerous ways of overcoming this such as wiring each run directly back to the power source. Our sales team can offer technical advise on any project, no matter how big or small.

    Compared with the now dated SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED tape which can appear 'glary', showing those unsightly LED chips, this new technology is like upgrading from a 14" portable TV to a high definition widescreen OLED TV.

    With an energy consumption of 15 watts per metre, it produces 1650 to 2000 lumens per metre, which equates to 1650 lumens for 2700K extra warm white, 1750 lumens for 3000K warm white and 2000 lumens for 4000K cool white. Providing an efficacy of up to 133 lumens per watt, which is twice as efficient as many others on the market.

    It has shorter cut points which improves flexibility at just 50mm and a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of CRI90 as standard. This is a technologically advanced LED tape for premium users who demand something more.

    We stated in 2019 that "this LED tape will one day become the industry standard, as soon as the other manufacturers have caught up and cleared their old stock" and this is now becoming the case.

    The self adhesive TESA 4965 backed tape offers high color efficiency, uniform illumination and a wide beam angle of 140 degrees. It is ideal for displays, exhibitions, kitchen under-cabinets, cove lighting applications and much more.

    It can be ordered with the standard 1 metre input tails or with specially soldered input and output connections available on request.

    Key Features

    • Colour temperature options & lumens:
      - Extra warm white 2700K 1650 lumens
      - Warm white 3000K 1750 lumens
      - Cool white 4000K 2000 lumens
    • Wattage: 15W per metre
    • LEDs per metre: 480 LEDs per metre
    • Highly energy efficient at up to 133 lumens per watt
    • Priced per metre
    • High CRI: 90 (Reproduces colours more effectively than other tapes)
    • IP rating: IP20 or IP65 water resistant
    • Beam angle: 140 degree
    • SMD type: COB (Chip on Board)
    • Voltage: 24V DC
    • Approvals: RoHS, CE and FCC
    • Brand: LED Strip Fit
    • Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
    • Guarantee: 3 years

    General LED TAPE Questions & Answers 

    What is COB tape?

    COB stands for Chip on Board, it's a series of miniature LED chips positioned on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). It is a new, more advanced version of LED strip tape. We originally released COB tape in 2019 and are now on our third generation which is brighter and more cost effective.

    With 8 times more LED chips per metre (480 per metre with this version) than older LED strips, it produces a seamless lighting array.

    Can COB LED tape be cut?

    Yes, one of the main key selling features of LED tape is that it can be cut down to size. Cut points vary in length, this COB strip tape has cut points every 50mm. COB tape is no different in terms of cutting than other LED tapes, apart from having shorter cutting points for 24V versions, which are usually twice as long as 12V.

    Can I cut LED tape myself?

    LED tape has clearly marked cut points located at 50mm sections but once its been, a new input cable or connector needs adding. You can either solder an input cable, a connecting pin or use a snap on, solder-free wiring connector located here.

    Do you offer bespoke soldering services?

    Yes, we offer an in-house soldering service and can supply any of our LED strip tapes in made to measure lengths. This can speed up your installation times as all of the sections are cut to size with the exact input cable you need. Some applications such as kitchen under cabinets may require an output cable which allow you to go around an obstacle such as a kitchen hob.

    Bespoke lengths are available on request, please email your enquiry to: [email protected] and one of our LED tape experts will be in touch.

    Do I need a transformer to power LED tape?

    LED tape operates on low voltage, usually 12V or 24V DC. A transformer isn't technically the correct term as it only converts an AC voltage into a lower AC voltage, while an LED driver converts AC into DC.

    Can LED tape be dimmed?

    Yes, you just need a dimmable LED driver and an LED compatible dimmer switch. We have some recommendations in the table below.

    Which size LED driver do I need?

    Multiply the wattage of the LED tape by the overall length. This LED tape is 15 watts per metre, if you have a 5 metre run, the calculation would be 15 x 5 = 75. This gives you 75 watts, you then select an LED driver that is big enough to carry the load.

    In the table below, we have recommendations for some of the most popular lengths with options for dimmable and non dimmable drivers. If you click on any of the product codes you will be taken directly to them. The 15W dimmable driver shown in the table has a low minimum load of just 0.75W meaning it could dim just 50mm of LED tape.

    If you want to power anything longer than 10M, you'll need to consider 'volt drop' issues, which is when the voltage drops out along the strip. This is due to resistance, we have many options of getting around this such as using multiple smaller drivers or wiring each run directly back to a bigger driver and butting the LED strips next to one another. 

    1M 15W ECP15-24VF-1 ELED-15-24T
    2M 30W LPV-60-24 ELED-30P-24T
    3M 45W LPV-60-24 ELED-60P-24T
    5M 75W LPV-100-24 ELED-90P-24T
    10M 150W HLG-150H-24A ELED-150P-24T 
  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Beam Angle
    140 Degrees
    Brand LED Strip Fit
    90 Ra
    Cap Type Integrated LED
    Colour Temperature
    Cut Points 50 mm
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Dimmable Yes
    GTiN 0631112946742
    IP Rating
    LED Chip Type COB
    LED Specification
    480 LED 15W/M IP20 24V
    LEDs Per Metre 480 LEDs (15W/M)
    Life Expectancy 50,000 Hours
    Lumens 1650 Lumens
    Product Type LED Tape
    Sku LEDSTCOB15*W
    24V DC
    Warranty 3 Years
    Wattage 15 W
    • Width: 10mm
    • Length: Priced per metre
    • Standard reel length: 10 metres (which we can cut)
    • IP20 version is now available in 30 metre reels for installers to cut and solder themselves
    • Cut points: Every 50mm
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    Q & A

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    What connectors do I use for this strip?
    Question by: Alistair McLaughlin on 19 May 2022, 16:32
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 20 May 2022, 10:32
    Hello....are these RGB ie can I change, pink, red etc. Thank you
    Question by: candi on 27 Jun 2022, 13:36
    No, this is single colour, we have an RGB, colour changing version here:
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 27 Jun 2022, 15:33

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  • Product Codes

    IP20 Rated (no resistance to water)

    • LEDSTCOB15EW - 2700K
    • LEDSTCOB15WW - 3000K
    • LEDSTCOB15CW - 4000K

    IP65 Rated (water & dust resistant)

    • LEDSTCOB15EW(IP65) - 2700K
    • LEDSTCOB15WW(IP65) - 3000K
    • LEDSTCOB15CW(IP65) - 4000K