High Efficiency LED Tape 4W/M 24V

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Our latest high efficiency LED tape has arrived! We've had it specially developed to offer something better, something different, something that other manufacturers will eventually hope to aspire to.

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  • Features

    Our latest high efficiency LED tape has arrived! We've had it specially developed to offer something better, something different, something that other manufacturers will eventually hope to aspire to.

    With a low energy 4 watts per metre, at first glance this seems like a low output LED tape, but if you recall the earlier days of LED lighting when you went from a halogen to an LED, you were told not to concern yourself with the wattage but with the lumens. Wattage is the measurement of energy that something needs to power it, lumens is the measurement of brightness. Your ideal scenario for any light source is to aim at getting the most lumens from the lowest amount of wattage. The lighting term for this is called efficacy. Part L of the Building Regulations used to have a minimum requirement of 45 lumens per watt, which is now 60. This document here has a great explanation about it.

    We're proud to announce that this LED tape has an efficacy of up to 173 lumens per watt! This is an LED tape from the future that has a brightness of 680 lumens per metre. Compare this with our 30 LEDs per metre 7.2W/M tape here which is 540 lumens per metre and has an efficacy of 75 lumens per watt. At 75 lumens per watt, it's still quite efficient even for 2019 but other lighting products like modern LED downlights are now reaching 100 lumens per watt, this LED tape has not just caught up, it's now setting a new standard.

    Let's be honest though; at 4 watts per metre versus 10 watts per metre, a difference of 6 watts isn't going to reduce your energy bills too much and isn't going to save the planet, not unless you've got thousands of metres. But consider the immediate saving you can make by reducing the size of the LED driver. With a 5 metre run you only need a small 20 watt LED driver, not a bigger and more costly 50 watt LED driver. Also, if you want to dim it with an LED compatible dimmer switch or home automation system, your load is considerably reduced but your lighting performance isn't.

    With 70 new high performance, highly energy efficient Samsung SMD2835 LEDs per metre, it offers a seamless lighting effect and has surpassed our expectations.

    Available in 2700K extra warm white, 3000K warm white, 4000K cool white colour temperatures, it has a self-adhesive backing and supplied with an input cable.

    This product encapsulates our company ethos, which is to offer something better. Innovative, lighting products that are affordable to all. Innovation doesn't have to cost more.

    Key Features

    • LEDs per metre: 70 LEDs per metre
    • Priced per metre
    • Colour temperatures and lumens:
      - 2700K Extra warm white - 650 lumens per metre
      - 3000K Warm white - 660 lumens per metre
      - 4000K Cool White - 680 lumens per metre
    • Voltage: 24V DC
    • Wattage: 4 watt per metre
    • LED chip type: Samsung SMD2835
    • Beam angle: 120 degrees produces a nice even beam spread
    • CRI: 82 
    • Dimmable? Yes, you just need to power it with a mains dimmable LED driver
    • Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
    • Rated at IP20, no resistance to water and dust resistant. The 300K version is also available in IP65.
    • Approvals: RoHS, CE and FCC.
    • Brand: LED Strip Fit

    Which LED Driver?

    These high efficiency LED strips operate on 24V DC and require a 24V DC LED driver to power them. It's important to select the correct LED driver to meet the demands of your application.

    The wattage rating of the LED driver is determined by adding up the total length(s) of LED strip you want to power from it. You multiply the wattage per metre which is 4W by the total length of LED tape. For example; 5 metres of this LED tape would be 4W x 5M = 20W which would require either a 20W non dimmable or a 20W dimmable LED driver. The table below recommends our nearest wattage drivers for some of the most popular lengths. Our 15W dimmable driver has a minimum load of just 0.75W.

    1M 4W ECP8-24VL-1 ELED-15-24T
    2M 8W ECP8-24VL-1 ELED-15-24T
    3M 12W ECP15-24VF-1 ELED-15-24T
    5M 20W LPV-20-24 ELED-30P-24T
    10M 40W LPV-60-24 ELED-60P-24T

    Cutting & Soldering

    Although we offer a cutting and soldering service, here is a video that shows you how to do it yourself. You can either solder a cable directly onto the end of the tape, or solder a female or male connecting pin. As standard each length of LED tape comes with a 150mm input cable.


    Our experienced design team can help you plan out your installation every step of the way. We can provide you with your own personal wiring diagram and help you select the right LED drivers and accessories. If you've got some plans or just an idea please contact us for advice by email or telephone at: 01706 521188.

  • Specifications
    Beam Angle
    120 Degrees
    Brand LED Strip Fit
    CRI 90 Ra
    Cable Cores 2
    Cap Type Integrated LED
    Colour Temperature
    IP Rating
    Life Expectancy 50,000 Hours
    Product Type LED Tape
    Sku LEDST702835*W/24V
    Voltage 24V DC
    Warranty 3 Years
    Wattage 4 W
  • Reviews
  • Dimensions
    • Cut points: Every 100mm
    • Width: 10mm
    • Height: 2mm
    • Max length without 'volt drop': 10M
  • Product Codes
    • LEDST702835EW/24V - 2700K
    • LEDST702835WW/24V - 3000K
    • LEDST702835CW/24V - 4000K

    • LEDST702835WW/24V(IP65) - 3000K