GU10 LED Bulbs (230V)


GU10 LED Bulbs & Lamps

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The GU10 LED bulb is one of the best and most popular types of bulbs to use in the home and industry. As an LED, it offers several benefits over traditional bulbs. Many LED bulbs are guaranteed for 5 years, but are capable of lasting as long as 18-30 under normal use. We have GU10 LEDs from Philips, Kosnic, Megaman and Aurora.

LEDs benefit from the following advantages over traditional bulbs:

  • Superior lifespan
  • Better economy
  • Cooler running
  • Higher light output
  • Instant start-up

The GU10 LED is known to be an excellent replacement for 35-50W halogen bulbs, so if you've got them fitted, there’s no better time to replace them and start saving money with a GU10 LED.

We are pleased to offer the following features on some of our GU10 LED bulbs:

  • Dimming function
  • High colour rendering, with CRI up to 90 on some versions
  • Super bright lighting effect
  • Energy efficiency rating of A to A+

Get the Right Bulb for You

We understand that different lamps are required in different locations, which is why we offer a GU10 LED bulb in a variety of colours. Warm whites are ideal for use in the home, whereas cool whites or even daylight rated LEDs are great in shops or art galleries. We also have several different beam angles available, depending on the number of lamps you have in the room and the size of the area to be lit. You can even find videos of the GU10 LED bulb on our product pages so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

So wherever you need to place your lamp, and however you want it to look, we’ve got the solution for you.

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