The battle for the most superior and reliable integrated LED downlights of 2014 has been underway and the three top contenders will be looked at here, with some of their key features explained. So if you want to know which LED downlight beats the rest, read on!

Halers H2 Pro - Click Here To View

Halers H2 Pro 550 Downlight
Halers H2 Pro 550 Downlight

The Halers H2 Pro is the next LED downlight in contention. This newer edition from Halers took the design of the standard H2 bulb and made it brighter by over thirty percent. This bulb also comes with beam angle options, so depending on the space that needs to be lit; the right device can be selected. The lower angle option expands up to thirty eight degrees, where the wider lighting version opens up to sixty degrees. This LED bulb comes with everything you need to get up and running and is very easy to install as it uses standard wiring. The Halers H2 Pro is another great contender for the best and most reliable LED downlight of 2014.

Aurora M10 - Replaced by the MPRO Series

The Aurora M10 is a fire rated downlight, using the latest in electrical technology to ensure effective ongoing operation, ease of installation and a superb life expectancy. The Aurora M10 offers a 40,000 hour usage life and is therefore guaranteed for five years. This downlight is super-efficient too; using only ten watts of power makes this light over eighty percent more efficient than a standard halogen bulb. This bulb is available in both a dimming and non-dimming version, so all requirements are covered. With varying finishes available, this stylish and functional bulb will certainly do the job for many households.

JCC FGLED6 - Replaced by the JCC V50

Finally we will take a look at the JCC FGLED6. This series of LED downlights are leaders in the lighting market. They provide a fully integrated unit, which is easy to install and get up and running. This is a super-efficient bulb, which is fire rated too. Because of the quality of the design and the technology used in the bulb, it has an exceptional life expectancy and for this reason, this bulb comes with an amazing ten year guarantee. The JCC FGLED6 is another great front runner in the search for the best light of 2014.

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