Why Switch To LED Lighting In 2016?

Why Switch To LED Lighting In 2016?

Ever wondered how you can cut down on your energy bills? The answer lies in led lighting. If you are still using filament, its time you switched to led lighting in 2016. Research indicates that a normal incandescent light bulb emits over 90% of heat, making it extremely inefficient, not to mention the extra heat emitted.

For years, LEDs were thought to be the best alternative to florescent bulbs. Nevertheless, over the past year, the price of LED lights has significantly dropped and the colors have been toned down to provide a better lighting experience. Here are some benefits of LEDs.

Long Life
LED bulbs last longer compared to normal fluorescent bulbs. LEDs can last up to 11 years of continuous operation or 22 years if they are only operating at 50%. Unlike lighting diodes which become less bright over time, LEDs maintain their brightness throughout.

Energy efficient
LEDs consume less energy compared to fluorescent tubes. With an estimated energy of 80-90%, LEDs outdo conventional light bulbs and traditional lighting. Furthermore, LEDs require less maintenance because of their long lifespan. Switching to led lighting in 2016 will save you a huge amount of money that could have been used to replace the bulbs or pay the energy bill.

Environmentally friendly
Conventional fluorescent bulbs contain mercury which can be harmful to individuals as well as the environment. LEDs are toxic free and are easily recyclable. Additionally, due to their extended shelf life, LED bulbs save material and production costs that are used in producing incandescent bulbs.

LEDs are hollow inside and are less fragile than both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Moreover, LEDs are made to withstand tough conditions and are resistant to vibrations, shocks and external impact. They can be used in freezer room, construction sites and even manufacturing sites.

Design flexibility
LEDs can be produced in any shape or form to provide the best illumination. This flexibility results in color distribution as well as control of light.
If you are still using incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, its time you switched to the better option-LED lighting. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll also be protecting the environment.


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