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Other Lamps & Bulbs

Other Lamps & Bulbs

This is our miscellaneous lamps section that contains a selection of less popular bulbs.

GX53 Lamps

GX53 lamps fall into two main categories; CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and LED (light emitting diode). Both CFL and LED GX53 lamps are classed as low energy as they offer energy savings of around 80% when compared to halogen. LED provides even greater energy savings and is longer lasting.

All GX53 lamps are mains powered and have the necessary components built into them. CFLs can take up to 80 seconds to achieve full brightness whilst LEDs are instant.

Although the energy savings are quite clear, the main advantage of using a GX53 lamp is the physical size. GX53s have a shallow depth of just 24mm; brighter 13W GX53 lamps are 37mm deep. This makes the GX53 lamp the ideal and often only choice for use in areas where space is limited.

As lighting designers continue to event new types GX53 luminaires such as GX53 bollards and GX53 wall lights, more and more variations are becoming available such as dimmable GX53s and brighter GX53 LEDs. 

Other advantages of using the GX53 lamp are:

  • Negligible heat output.
  • Long lasting, around 10 times longer than halogen.
  • Ultra slim design.
  • Available in a choice of wattage types and colour temperatures.
  • Wider beam angle of 106 to 117 degrees.
  • Part L Approved (lamps above 45 lm/w only).
  • Check out our full range of GX53 downlights, including fire rated GX53 downlights. Some are only 32mm deep!

R7S LED Lamps

Available in 2 sizes of 78mm and 118mm the Megaman versions are great for replacing inefficient halogens.

2D Lamps

Energy efficient 2D lamps off a longer lasting and lower energy alternative to incandescent. They are available in CFL (compact fluorescent) and even more energy efficient LED (lighting emitting diode).

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen, once loved by all, now revered by the lighting community. Like coal, this energy guzzling technology's days are numbered. Cheap to buy but expensive to run the halogen is slowly but surely being phased out.

Get your halogens bulbs now while you can as they are now on the EU's hit list just like the 60W incandescent they will soon become a relic. Thanks for all your service halogen but it's now time to move onto a brighter, cleaner future with LED.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's)

Like halogen this is another aging technology that doesn't have much of a future.

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