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Click Inceptor Nano Compact Fire Rated LED Downlight

Click Inceptor Nano Compact Fire Rated LED Downlight

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Click Nano downlights are the latest entry to the popular Inceptor series of high quality and affordable LED downlights from Click Scolmore. As ... more info

1 Select Downlight Type

2 Select Finish
One of the best ways to choose the right finish is to make sure that your new downlights match other items in the room. Perhaps you've got brushed steel switches, sockets and door handles? Then brushed steel downlights would be a great match.

Polished chrome is popular for bathrooms as it matches taps and other bathroom equipment.

But matt white is our most popular finish as it blends less noticeably into the ceiling.

3 Select Colour Temperature
Most of the LED lights we offer are available in the big 3 colour temperatures which are:

2700K - Extra warm white has a warmer tone, like a halogen, although not quite as orange.

3000K - Warm white is a mid range colour tone. Not as orange as 2700K and not as harsh as 4000K. This is the most popular colour temperature.

4000K - Cool white (or neutral white), although clearer and slightly brighter than the others, it can make a room feel cold and clinical. Used correctly in the right environment it can make a room appear more modern.

If you're unsure about colour temperatures we have colour temperature adjustable downlights available. These downlights contain multiple colour temperatures that can be changed either by a dip switch, wall switch or App. More information about them can be found here.

If you want a brighter light then choose something with more lumens. The brightness difference in colour temperatures is barely 5%.

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Click Nano downlights are the latest entry to the popular Inceptor series of high quality and affordable LED downlights from Click Scolmore. As the natural successor to the Inceptor Micro, the Nano is even smaller in size, consumes less wattage but is just as bright, meaning its more energy efficient! It now also has a more robust die-cast bezel and singular COB (chip on board) LED light source. All in all a much improved product.

The Nano is available in fixed and adjustable versions and offers a great selection of compact fire rated LED downlights. With smaller hole sizes of 60mm (or 75mm for the adjustable version),  than traditional downlights, they offer a more minimal design and at just 50mm in depth for the fixed, (or 54mm for the adjustable version), they are ideal for shallow ceiling voids. Dimmable as standard they are also IP rated with an IP65 rating for the fixed and IP54 rating for the adjustable. This ensures they can both be used in bathroom zones 1 and 2.

Supplied with everything you need including an integrated LED light source, LED driver and Click Flow Connector. Click Flow Connectors make wiring easier and faster. Simply wire one connector into your lighting circuit, then plug the other connector into it. The other connector is pre-wired into the Nano downlight.


  • Bezel Finishes Available:
    Polished chrome
    Satin chrome
  • Available Downlight Versions: Fixed IP65 and IP54 Adjustable
  • Colour temperatures available: 2700K extra warm white and 4000K cool white.
  • Lumens:
    400 lms = 2700K extra warm white
    450 lms = 4000K cool white
  • Lumens efficacy:
    71 lms/W = 2700K
    81 lms/W = 4000K
  • Beam angle: 40 degree
  • CRI (Colour Rending Index): 80
  • Dimmable as standard
  • Fire Rated
  • Not insulation coverable but an insulation cover cap is now available ISC1020
  • IP ratings: Fixed version is IP65 an the adjustable version is IP54
  • Connection: Pre-wired Flow Connector that includes both parts you need. 
  • Wattage: 4.8W
  • Power Factor: 0.8
  • Switching Cycles: 20,000 
  • Voltage: 220‐240V
  • Lifetime: 25,000 hours
  • Emergency back up back availalbe (EMCGLED2305M3)
  • Material: Steel, Aluminium, ABS, Nylon & Polycarbonate
  • Life expectancy: 25,000 hours
  • Guarantee: 2 Years
  • Manufacturer: Click Scolmore

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Click Nano Brochure

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Very good

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Nicely built, easy to install, 2700k colour is pleasant.

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Have already so knew it was a good product. Would recommend to family & friends

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Excellent quality well made product

1 person found this review helpful.
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Not installed yet. Being used in kitchen in "flyover" between cupboard units. The downlighters look really smart, and are discreet in that the "tops" will not protrude into lines of sight. On the basis of what we have seen so far I would recommend this product. Looking forward to seeing them lit.

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  • Cut Out: 60mm
  • Ceiling Thickness: 5-40mm
  • Ceiling Void depth: 45mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • 300mm Fly-lead


  • Cut Out: 75mm
  • Ceiling Thickness: 5-40mm
  • Ceiling Void depth: 54mm
  • Height: 54mm
  • Diameter: 90mm
  • 20° Adjustable Angle
  • 300mm Fly-lead

Fixed IP65


  • LED5400WH5WD - 2700K
  • LED5400WH5CD - 4000K

Satin Chrome

  • LED5400SC5WD - 2700K
  • LED5400SC5CD - 4000K

Polished Chrome

  • LED5400CH5WD - 2700K
  • LED5400CH5CD - 4000K

Adjustable IP54


  • LED5405WH5WD - 2700K
  • LED5405WH5CD - 4000K

Satin Chrome

  • LED5405SC5WD - 2700K
  • LED5405SC5CD - 4000K

Polished Chrome

  • LED5405CH5WD - 2700K
  • LED5405CH5CD - 4000K

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