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Our expert tip for choosing the right switches & sockets for your home is to choose your dimmer switches first. Make sure they're LED compatible and will work with your lights. Then choose the corresponding switches & sockets that go with them.

  1. A Guide to Lutron Home Automation

    A Guide to Lutron Home Automation
    Lutron home automation not only enables you to adjust lighting from you laptop or mobile, you can also control lighting circuitry in sheds, stables and other outbuildings, all without needing to touch a light switch or visit the location in person.
  2. How You Can Control Your Lighting Via Remote Or Your Smartphone

    This post will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can control your home lighting through either a remote or perhaps your smartphone/tablet. Not only can you control the various white light colour temperatures to provide your spaces with a different feel and look, you will also be able to control any type of RGB output thanks to the cutting edge setup of this LED lamp. Please watch the video below for a visual guide on this blog post:
  3. What came first the LED Dimmer Switch or Dimmable LED's?

    What came first the LED Dimmer Switch or Dimmable LED's?
    The main reason that LED's flicker when dimming them is that the LED(s) and dimmer switch are not compatible. Dimmable LED's were only introduced to the World in 2009; the first one I know of was the Philips 7W GU10 LED. How did Philips create this without an LED dimmer switch? They must have tested it using conventional dimmer switches and done batch tests with many different brands and kept testing it until they got achieved smooth dimming results.