Downlights provide you with a space saving and modern option to standard ceiling or wall lighting, providing you full light protection throughout your chosen space. With IP65 downlights, your total light protection can be installed over your shower or bath without the danger of any possible safety issues (such as electrocution), something that can not be guaranteed with IP64 or less downlights.

By getting an IP65 downlight, you'll feel safe in the knowledge that you are getting the proper and appropriate downlighting for your bathroom. This indicates you can put your IP65 downlights around you shower head and enjoy a bright, revitalizing shower, something you may not have the ability to accomplish with conventional wall or ceiling lighting.

Along with protecting against projected water jets from your shower or bath, IP65 downlights secure against objects  such as dust meaning you'll get a really compact looking downlight, which cannot be affected in quality by dust.

Downlights are a more modern-day version of ceiling lights, which are recessed into your ceiling providing you area conserving light coverage throughout your space. An IP65 downlight is a specifically engineered downlight that safeguards versus water forecasted from a nozzle and is dust tight. 'IP' represents ingress defense which is an international category system on the sealing efficiency in enclosures of electrical devices versus the intrusion into the devices of foreign bodies and wetness.

The very first digit after IP makes reference to the defense from foreign bodies and the 2nd digit refers to the security from wetness. The minimum requirement for a bathroom would be IP64, nevertheless this would not have the ability to be positioned over your bath or shower. IP68 would be totally submersible and would be perfect in your shower floor or bath. You can tell where you can put your IP65 downlights by taking a look at bathroom zones, which belong to structure regulations focused on maintain your security.

Bathroom Zones
Bathroom Zones