Across the country thousands of people every day are discovering the advantages of using wi-fi to simplify and improve their lives. From instant Internet access wherever you are to the many aesthetic benefits which wire free electrical gadgets can bring, wi-fi is an essential part of contemporary life. A growing number of industry sectors including security and construction are utilising wireless installations in their work. One of the most novel and convenient applications is in controlling led lighting remotely through the use of a single zone Wi-Fi receiver.

Being able to alter lighting levels without needing to physically enter a building or touch a switch is of enormous benefit when ensuring the security of both business and residential premises. If suspicious activity is detected, a high level of illumination can be quickly obtained in the relevant area simply by using the receiver from a safe location. Lights can be switched on and off sequentially, giving the impression that a building is occupied; an excellent way of putting off unwanted visitors.

Safety is always a key consideration, so being able to ensure that your driveway or path is brightly lit before you leave your vehicle by using your single zone receiver is a great innovation. Sheds, stables or garages can also be lit in advance, ensuring excellent visibility at all hours. Particularly for older people, being able to use their receiver to switch upstairs lights on before they leave their living room can greatly reduce the risk of falls.

Led lighting is versatile enough for any location and can be used as both background illumination and as a powerful spotlight to accent a particular area. Because lighting levels can be minutely controlled using the single zone receiver, it’s possible to provide adequate illumination with minimal power usage, particularly when motion sensors and daylight sensors are employed. Being able to conserve energy whilst still having all the light you need wherever it's required is a key benefit of an automated system; many individuals and companies find the cost of an automated lighting system is swiftly recouped through the resultant energy savings!

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