• Customer: Doug
  • Room: Bathroom
  • Products Used: Aurora LED Decking / Marker Light Kits


LED lighting has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to create a more energy-efficient and versatile lighting solution in their homes. In this case study, we will explore how one of our customers, Doug, successfully transformed his bathroom using some Aurora LED marker lights. This project not only improved the aesthetics of his bathroom but also provided a more subtle lighting effect.

LED Marker Lights


Doug had been browsing online for ideas and stumbled across our LED marker lights. He was intrigued by their potential to elevate the look of his bathroom. After researching the benefits of LED lighting, such as lower energy consumption and longer lifespan, he decided to give our LED marker lights a try.


LED marker lights can be used internally in bathroom lighting applications, kitchen plinths or even outside as LED decking lights, they're a great type of multi-functional light source that comes with a plug & play LED driver.

Connecting & Wiring

The Aurora decking kits are supplied with a power adaptor. This is like a chunky black power adaptor that comes with electronic devices. It can be wired into an existing circuit or plugged into a 13A power socket. The individual lights have plug-in wiring connectors but Aurora don't sell any other accessories. We have these other connector cables that can also be used here. Which are wired into this LED driver which is capable of powering up to 13 lights.

The power adaptor looks like this one shown below which comes with this other decking light kit.

LED decking light set

Project Goals

Doug had three main goals for his bathroom transformation:
  1. Improve the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.
  2. Enhance safety by providing better visibility and guidance, especially during nighttime visits.
  3. Create a visually appealing layered lighting effect by using different light sources to compliment each other. Process

Doug began by selecting the appropriate LED marker lights for his bathroom. He chose a warm white 3000K color temperature to create a relaxing atmosphere and opted for a waterproof, IP67 rated model suitable for bathroom use. The same fittings are also available in cool white 4000K and in kits of 6 or 12. Next, Doug planned the placement of the LED marker lights. He decided to install them along the base of the bathroom walls to create a soft, ambient glow that would guide users during nighttime visits. Additionally, Doug installed some of the LED marker lights in an upwards facing direction to provide some accent lighting effects to the tiles which helped to improve visibility while using the bath.


To ensure a professional installation, Doug hired a local electrician to handle the electrical work. The electrician connected the LED marker lights to the LED driver which was included in the kit and connected them together with the plug-in water resistant connectors, then wired them to a wall switch, allowing for easy control of the lights.


With the LED marker lights installed, Doug's bathroom underwent a remarkable transformation:

Aesthetics: The LED marker lights added a modern, sleek touch to Doug's bathroom, enhancing its overall look and feel.
Safety: The soft, ambient glow provided by the marker lights along the base of the walls made it easier for users to navigate the bathroom during nighttime visits, reducing the risk of accidents. Energy Efficiency: By using small 0.6W LEDs lights, Doug was able to reduce his bathroom's energy consumption and lower his electricity bills. These lights use very little energy, they can even be left on all night and it won't break the bank.
Bathroom LED marker lights view 1
Bathroom LED marker lights view 2
Bathroom LED marker lights view 3


Doug's experience with our LED marker lights is a prime example of how a relatively simple lighting upgrade can make a significant difference in a home's aesthetics, safety, and energy efficiency. By carefully selecting and installing LED marker lights in his bathroom, Doug was able to achieve his goals and enjoy a more modern, functional space. This case study demonstrates the potential of LED lighting to transform and elevate any room in your home.


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