Introducing the next technology in LED lights with the new LED Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Recessed Light Kit 24V that comes as a much needed relief for all homeowners. Am talking about the complete lighting experience when you think about the light options that will illuminate every dark spot you have using the White LED 12V or Warm White LED 12V included in the kit. The 3 Stainless Steel under Cabinet Recessed Metal Downlights have are 18mm in depth and 70mm in diameter with an amazing wattage of 1.5W. They comes as a package that contains three of these light but you may order additional lights if you wish.

Here are the specs. The kit contains the three LED Downlights with an option to choose from a warm white or just plain white option that all use 12V to produce a bright colour with the perfect CRI that means an orange looks like an orange under such light and no distortion of the colour whatsoever. In addition, they have a stainless steel finish that makes them longer lasting.

LED driver

However you also have to have the LED Driver 15W 6 Way JB Socket that may power up to four fittings and also be used with other LED fittings. This device has top notch technology incorporated into its design with integrated electronic short circuit and overload protection and also an auto reset function it comes with a 1.5mtr long cable, a 15W rating that is quite energy saving and a six way plug in connection.

This is the long awaited answer to most problems linked to incandescent options. This LED lighting option gives you more than twice the service you expect from conventional bulbs plus they are cheaper, better looking and easy fitting. Try this product today and you will not regret your decision!

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