How You Can Have A More Environmentally Friendly Christmas

How You Can Have A More Environmentally Friendly Christmas

At this dark and gloomy time of year, it’s good to have the opportunity to brighten things up a little with Christmas decorations. Lights have been used for centuries to decorate our trees, rooms and gardens. At first, candles were used, and in recent times, incandescent electric lights. However, traditional Christmas lights are not kind to the environment. Over the Christmas period, a household uses electricity equivalent to more than 22 days’ normal usage, much of it due to the power required by Christmas lights.

Energy saving

LED Christmas lights are very environmentally-friendly. They use almost 90% less electricity than conventional lights, so saving you money as well. In addition, traditional fairy lights are fragile and need replacing frequently: if one bulb breaks, often the whole string is extinguished. LED – Light Emitting Diode – Christmas lights solve these problems.

Long lasting

They may be somewhat more expensive to purchase, but they are long lasting and will light up your Christmases for many years to come. Unlike incandescent bulbs, they do not burn hot, and this makes them much longer-lasting. LED lights do not contain fragile filaments and can easily withstand moisture; they are also easy to pack away at the end of the holidays. With careful storage, strings of LED lights should last for years, and they present a much greener option than having to buy a new set each Christmas.


Today’s Christmas lights come in an enormous variety of styles, from stars to snowmen; they are easily adaptable to any decorative scheme, indoors or out. They emit a brighter light than traditional fairy lights, so you may need fewer bulbs to achieve a brilliant effect.

Lights are an essential part of the Christmas season. Whether you favour a multi-coloured dazzling display all over your house or a cool, minimalist style using pure white lights, LED Christmas lights enable you to achieve a stunning effect while being very kind to the environment.

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