Customer Name: A Taylor
Project: Installing LLSENS For Bathroom Lighting
Products used:

  • 1 x LLSENS Infrared Mini On/Off Sensor Switch (HZK218C)

Project Description:

The project entailed updating our bathroom with a new light fitting but instead of keeping the existing pull switch, I wanted to install a non touch sensor type switch. Some PIR detectors have a large sensor range or worked to a timer, those were not suitable for my application as the door is close to the area I needed the switch and the timer would mean the lights would be on too long or not long enough.


The LLESNS Infrared Mini On/Off Sensor Switch  seemed suitable for the application with only a 5 cm detector range and a small (17mm) diameter, perfect for concealing. The switch could only control on 230v - 250watt (non fluorescent) with a load of 250va, so the switch could not operate the lights I needed. To get around this problem I had to set the IR switch up with a non motor contactor (relay) that would handle the power and the start up of fluorescent lights. The contactor uses very little power to operate as a relay, and it also allowed other items to be operated (Up to three) from the same IR switch with no load to the IR switch.

I placed the contactor in a plastic enclosure in the loft, with the relay powering the light circuit and the IR switch sensor cable feeding into the room between the dry walls, it all worked rather well, and the IR switch responds with a simple wave within 5cm of the sensor for on and off.....It's all very 'Star trek'


Getting the IR cable from the room between the dry wall into the loft was a tricky situation, lots of bent coat hangers and fishing skills. Had I decided to install this type of switch before I replaced the cover to that part of the wall it would have been easier. Delivery of the IR switch was next day, so it all worked out in the end. Very Pleased.

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