Halers H2 Pro – The Most Reliable LED Downlight of 2015

Halers H2 Pro – The Most Reliable LED Downlight of 2015

Yes that’s right, even though we are still in November, the team at Downlights Direct have awarded the Halers H2 Pro the prestigious “Most Reliable LED Downlight of 2015” beating stiff competition from the other impressive downlight releases of 2015.

The latest model from Collingwood has been on sale at www.downlightsdirect.co.uk since June of this year and is available to customers in a wide array of finishes and options, making it the perfect choice for consumers who need a light fixture to fit with their desired or current room aesthetic.

On awarding the prestigious award of “Most Reliable LED Downlight” to the Halers H2 Pro, Downlights Direct CEO Chris Horridge had the following to say:
“The latest model from Collingwood (June 2015 model) has proven to be so successful with our customers that we have decided to award it with the “Most Reliable LED Downlight of 2015”, even though there are two months still left in the year”.
When asked why the award was given now, Chris had the following to say:

The reason for awarding the most reliable LED downlight two months before the end of the year? It’s simple. The superior performance and incredible reliability of this market leading product resulted in it being almost impossible to award it to any other downlight. The feedback we are getting from our customers has been like nothing we have ever experienced before and we certainly have a history of providing fantastic products to our customers

With thousands of happy customers served since 2007, Downlights Direct is one of the largest LED wholesalers in the UK and is one of the very few wholesalers to be a member of the Lighting Association. As well as being CEO, Chris Horridge is also the resident lighting expert at Downlights Direct having been awarded the LIF Certificate in Lighting design in 2012.

“At Downlights Direct, we strive to supply only the very best and most reliable LED lighting products. Obviously there are other lighting companies that provide cheaper products, but we believe offering our customers the premium quality that they deserve, they’ll experience much greater peace of mind with superior performance and fewer returns on their purchases from us.”

Chris also commented on the improving reliability of LED technology in lighting as a whole, adding that he felt the “Halers H2 shone the light on the new breed of LED reliability”.

Congratulations to the team at Collingwood on the award and for creating such a fantastic energy-efficient product.


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