Power LED bulbs or downlights usually contain 3 or 4 high powered LED chips which combine to create a focused beam of light, usually with a 25 or 40 degree beam angle. SMD LED bulbs are made up of a cluster of very small LED chips, usually around 20 per bulb. SMD LEDs are often much cheaper and if you've ever compared SMD against a high quality power LED GU10 then you'll see why.

Each low power SMD LED produces a small amount of light but when added together creates a bright light. The main problem with this type of LED is the extremely wide beam which is usually 120 degrees. SMD LEDs are not very effective in downlight installations as the wide beam angle spreads the light out too thin.  Arguably a wider beam angle can be used effectively in some installations such as lounges.

Since this FAQ was originally written in 2011 COB (chip on board) LEDs have overtaken both of these technologies.

We hope you enjoy our video on 50w halogen VS 7w LED lights below.


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