Downlights Direct are an online company who sell lighting solutions in the UK, with great brands, experts in their field, good prices and easy shopping choices. They are one of the UK's leading suppliers of energy efficient downlights. They are associated with many credible brands such as Philips. LED's are the modern choice with styles to suit any taste.

It is important when choosing lighting for the home or business to consider the size and the style of lighting. Another important consideration is the environment as well as energy consumption and if the right choices are made, households and businesses alike will save money and reduce their carbon footprint. LED lighting can save up to 90% energy, greatly reducing the cost of bills which is especially important during winter months where it's darker for longer and lighting is used significantly more.

No other lighting solution is more effective than LED's according to varied sources, and there's brilliant light straight away with no waiting. Downlights Direct provide in depth information on a host of lighting solutions, with a selection guide to help consumers choose the right lighting tailored to them.

The selection guide indicates the energy consumption, life expectancy and statistics of most lighting products. They inform that LED's can last 75,000 hours, that's a whopping 30 years! The LED types available are: dimming or non dimming, fixed or adjustable, bulb colours, styles to suit decor, and different price brackets. Specification lists are found on the Downlights Direct web page indicating efficiency, brightness, and life expectancy so that consumers can see which is the best solution.

It appears that LED bulbs are a practical solution, even better than Halogen! Although this company does blow their own trumpet with competitive lighting, their word does not stand alone. There's lots of information on energy efficiency and saving money on bills with effective lighting choices.

Reputable sources such as the Telegraph, the Guardian, Which, and even some government documentation are all stating the same facts; LED lighting saves hundreds of pounds per year for businesses and homes, and is the most eco-friendly choice!


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