LED strip lights are being introduced as a popular accessory in many luxurious households. Over the years the technology behind them has developed fourfold to produce an outstanding product easily accessible to homeowners. The technological advancements have produced a more efficient product at a lower price whilst providing the same quality.

Any colour can be created using the RGB feature. The difference on the colour spectrum can be set using the controller or the supplied application compatible with most modern phones.

A great addition to any modern kitchen if used correctly they can be placed around furniture within any fitted kitchen and immediately create an atmosphere. The mood of an evening can be complemented with the right choice of lighting as seen here the blue lighting along with the contrasted red really portrays the beauty of the kitchen with a futuristic theme.


Consider them as a replacement for tea lights in the Bathroom. LED strip lights come with the option of being waterproof and you don’t have to worry about them being a fire hazard. Fantastic for condensation and other water hazards you may normally experience in your bathroom, you can experience the same quality of ambient lighting without the worry.

The lights give off a warm bright white light, which is ideal for reading and would make an excellent addition to any bedroom. The main benefit of using LED in this situation compared to conventional lighting is the low power consumption. This allows you to be less concerned about fluctuating electricity bills. Think of the amount of children’s bedrooms that use standard fairy lights, the LED option is perfect for a child’s bedroom to provide them with that magical bedroom they've always dreamed of.

The lighting doesn’t just have to be used for decorative purposes the strategic use of the lighting in the hallway can be a functional pathway for those middle of the night ventures. Instead of struggling to find the light switch in the middle of the night, simply install the strips along your skirting board.

Just a few ideas how you man make the most of the LED lighting in your household. But the possibilities are endless, it's all about creating atmosphere with the lighting so take a piece of furniture you like and embellish it, make it stand out. Relinquish old photo frames and restore it to the modern era with LED lighting. That drinks cabinet you own for display purposes? Highlight its regal appearance with soft white back light. The fact is they are extremely easy to use, maintain and update. Once you use LED strip lights you’re no longer in the dark.