Sufficient and effective lighting is essential for any commercial establishment. You can certainly notice the difference if a commercial space does not have proper lighting. Lighting is not only meant to illuminate but also create the right ambience and suitable working condition. For example, it is not optimal for an office space to have dim incandescent lights. Employees will not be able to work properly if the lighting is not sufficient. In the same way, there are certain commercial spaces that need warmer lighting.

Restaurants and other dining areas benefit from the use of lighting in order to create the perfect mood and ambience. Commercial lighting systems are usually composed of ceiling downlights, emergency lights, sign lighting for marketing and advertising, bulkheads, and fluorescent ceiling lights.

Investing in good commercial or office lighting can be costly. The amount can be significant if you take into consideration the sum of all the lighting components you need to install. Fortunately, there are some excellent lighting choices that can help you save on the cost of installing commercial lights.

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Saving on the cost of commercial lights

The obvious choice for saving on the cost of lighting systems as well as the eventual energy consumption is to use LED lights and bulbs. LED lights consume less electricity than regular halogen or incandescent bulbs. They have about 80 to 90% efficiency which is a considerable amount of savings in the long run. In addition to this, LED lights have a longer life-span which gives greater value for your money. Here are some of the best choices available for energy-efficient commercial lighting systems:

Commercial Downlights

Downlights are a popular lighting installation in many commercial spaces. With LED commercial downlights, you will likely save up to 70% on your energy bill. Downlights are also easier to maintain. There are no visible wiring or accessories that can be prone to damage. Some of the best commercial downlights offered by Downlights Direct include: Aurora slim fit shallow downlights and Collingwood Thea commercial LED downlights.

Collingwood Thea

Commercial Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are a popular choice for many commercial spaces. This is often seen in large office spaces where maximum illumination is required. This is also used in restaurants and retail stores. There are LED ceiling lights such as the non-corrosive LED luminaire, Megaman Dino, Ansell Uni LED surface ceiling or wall light. You can also opt for under-cabinet LED lights as well as long ceiling lights. Suppliers such as Downlights Direct also stock ceiling tiles for convenient one-stop shopping.

Emergency Lighting

Most commercial establishments are required to install emergency lighting. Good emergency lighting should give you at least three hours of consistent with sufficient lighting. There are different kits to choose from. One good example is the Ansell AIRMLED/POD/31 Twistlock Emergency Pod (Self-Test). This kit comes with tri-colour signal display to indicate when the kit is in good running condition, faulty condition, or currently in operation.

Fluorescent Lighting

There are some who still prefer to use fluorescent lighting for commercial spaces. There has been some changes made to most modern fluorescent lighting making them more energy-efficient. One example of a fluorescent bulb that comes with high energy efficiency is the Fitzgerald T5 fluorescent lights.

Office Lighting

Lighting for individual offices should be sufficient enough to ensure a good working condition. There are many good choices for office lighting from Downlights Direct. One excellent example is the Integral Edge Lit ceiling panel.


Bulkhead lighting is commonly used in areas that need to have high illuminated such as passageways and stairways. In fact, there are some homes with an industrial design that also use bulkhead lighting. There’s a range of high-quality bulkhead lights such as the Ansell Ancona Oval LED bulkheads, the JCC RadiaLED, and the JCC RadiaLED Utility Mains Emergency bulkhead.

LED Sign Lighting

Many commercial establishments also use LED sign lighting to advertise products and services. This is perfect for storefronts in many retail establishments and companies. Some of the best-LED lighting on offer are: LED chain link strings (40 links), LED chain link strings (50 links), and Integral LED strip tapes.

With the variety currently available, you will not have difficulty in finding the best lighting system to suit any commercial, retail, or office space that will also help you save money.

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