Customer Name: Christopher G.

Room / Project Type: Kitchen

Products used: LED Strip Kit 30 LED Per Metre Single Colour 1/2 Metre

30mt LED strip5

Description: Fitting LED strip lighting Kit with 30 Single Colour LEDs in the under kitchen counters and cabinets.

Kitchen led strips radiant

This LED Strip Kit 30 LED Per Metre Single Colour 1/2 Metre kit is the easiest to install yet if you are a DIY kind of person. The installation is all plug and play and absolutely no wiring is required. The LED strips have lots of uses but I found them most suited for my under kitchen counters. Now, my kitchen has well controlled lighting that does not scream in my face unlike the previous options I had. There is no glow that reflects off that kind of bluish glare that other strips may give because they have a beam angle of 120 degrees making it easy to get just the right angle for any fit. I fitted them in no time and my kitchen looks brilliant.

Effective Lighting


I also discovered how effective LED strip kits are because I have a kitchen sink that is placed between two cabinets and when I installed two strips on the inside of the cabinets - voila! The area got well lit and I can actually see what I am doing in the sink. What is amazing is that they fit perfectly to the length of my cabinets because after every 100mm they have cut points that allow one to cut them off at the precise point that fits. They come in different colours including warm white, cool white and extra warm white, giving the overall kitchen lighting a warm and homely feeling.

There are also the full variety of accessories that include cable connectors and remote controls. Honestly, this is the real deal.


None – The installation was a piece of cake and after plugging in the power supply and switching it on, the lighting was superb.