As well as being highly efficient, LED downlights can also change the ambiance and mood of your home, throwing emphasis on one part of your quarters whilst obscuring another. We often think that lighting a space is a relatively simple matter but, in fact, in casting the right light on an object or, indeed, an entire room, you can change the manner in which it is perceived. Within this article, we provide a few tips on how to make the best use of dimmable LED downlights in your home.

Installing Dimmable Downlights in Your Bedroom

In most cases, conventional, overhead lighting can leave a portion of your bedroom in shadow. Perhaps you enjoy reading during the evenings; alternatively, you may wish to construct a cosy, well-lit place to sit and enjoy your favourite films and TV shows. By installing dimmable LED downlights in the parts of your bedroom that are the darkest, you can effectively transform these areas, changing the mood (by adjusting the lights,) as, and when, you wish.

As well as creating an interesting aesthetic in the bedroom, in installing LEDs you can also make use of increased levels of light; in front of the mirror, for example, or atop your wardrobe on those dark, winter mornings.

Adjustable LED Lights in the Lounge

The lounge, the ever-bustling centre of the home, often plays multiple roles in the life of a family. As such, clever lighting is required to obscure those parts of the room that you often wish could be hidden. This is where LEDs come in useful: you can use dimmable downlights to direct the eye to your most treasured possessions. Perhaps there are treasured photos or paintings hanging in your living room which you’d like to illuminate and cast into light. In using LEDs, you can highlight these items, making them ever visible and present.

Gentle LED Lighting in the Bathroom

Adjustable LED lights are ideal if, after a long day at work, you like nothing more than a luxurious bath or shower. In installing LED downlights in your bathroom you can create your very own haven of tranquility and peace: dim the lights, put on your favourite music and let the cares of the day wash away.

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