LED downlights are currently the most energy reliable, long lasting and contemporary downlighting technology on the marketplace. By getting LED downlights you stand to eliminate approximately 90 % on your lighting costs thanks to their greater energy performance as well as being able to get rid of your annoyance of needing to regularly change your halogen downlights. This is because light emitting diode downlights have actually been tested to last up to 25 times longer when used for around 3 hours daily, 7 days weekly.

Long Lasting Lighting Solutions

This could equate to around 30 years of money conserving lighting for you! Combining the energy conserving credentials of LED downlights with the ability to dim, is the perfect pairing of style and science. By dimming your downlights, you can have the ability to control your mood lighting for rooms around your home. A room where this could be useful could be in your bathroom where you need bright light on some occasions whereas on others, you may wish to dim down your lighting as you are unwinding in your bath. The major benefit of LED dimmable downlights is that you can enjoy both functions in one easy to install light fixture.

Aurora MPRO Downlight
Aurora MPRO Downlight

Halogen downlights are presently the most popular kind of dimmable downlight on the marketplace although they lose a lot of energy, have to be continuously replaced and also are exceptionally costly to maintain. An EU legislation was set out from Sept 2012 to prohibit all retailers from selling 25-50W incandescent bulbs, meaning halogen downlights will not be readily available for much longer. CFL bulbs offer some energy cost savings, however don't last that long (when compared to LED) with many not having the function to be dimmed.

When looking for LED downlights, you'll discover there are 2 main types for you to think about:

1) Retrofit LED downlights where you have to purchase an LED bulb with a downlight fitting (housing)

2) Integrated LED downlights, where the LED is developed into the downlight fitting. Many complete LED downlights can be dimmed down whereas some LED bulbs can not so it is necessary to keep in mind the LED bulb's capability to dim.

It is likewise important to consider the dimmer switch with your LED downlight, as only certain dimmer switches will work when dimming your LED downlights.