No one can deny the importance of having a well- and adequately-lit kitchen. The kitchen is, after all, where you perform a number of important tasks and activities, such as preparing your food and cooking for yourself and the family. And most of us also love to simply hang out in our kitchens with our family and friends, enjoying a hot cup of tea or just talking about our day. If you are thinking of refurbishing your kitchen or are building an entirely new kitchen from the ground up, one of the most essential aspects you should consider is the lighting. So what kind of lighting should you install in your kitchen to get maximum results? Here’s a look at some high quality kitchen lighting tailored to your kitchen – lighting that every modern kitchen needs.

Kitchen downlights

Kitchen Downlights

One of the most essential kinds of lighting you would need for your kitchen is kitchen downlights. Downlights, which are often installed on the ceiling, can give your kitchen more than enough light coverage and help eliminate dark spots and corners. Here at Downlights Direct, we have a wide range of kitchen downlights to suit your needs, and all our downlights come only from the most trusted and reputable manufacturers. One popular type of downlight available at Downlights Direct is the Halers Fire Rated LED Downlight, and this is actually one of our ‘staff picks.’ This downlight offers advanced features and brighter lighting (as much as 580 lumens). It also has a more compact design, as its depth only reaches up to 49 millimetres. It also comes equipped with a twist-on bezel along with a T-connector, allowing for faster and easier installation. One other aspect you should know about this Halers downlight is its beam angle, which is as broad as 70 degrees, making it ideal for larger kitchens.

Another popular kitchen downlight in our range is the Aurora 4.5W Fire Rated LED Downlight, which is also a staff pick. This downlight has a height of 69mm, which means that it can be fitted or installed into tighter voids in ceilings. Furthermore, it’s fully fire rated as well as insulation coverable, and it is also fully dimmable.

Kitchen ceiling lights

Kitchen ceiling lights are also an essential part of any kitchen, and, needless to say, we have a lot on offer that can fit your precise needs. If you want to give your kitchen an even more elegant, stylish look, kitchen ceiling lights are ideal. Our range of ceiling lights for the kitchen include the Intalite Moldi 32 Ceiling Light at 3000K, which has an aluminium finish and a lumen output of 1150; the Intalite Medo 40 LED Recessed Ceiling Light (Frameless), which comes with a white finish and a lumen output of 2580; the Intalite Medo Pro 90 Ceiling Light (Round White), which has a white finish and is made from acrylic and aluminium, and more. Whatever type of kitchen ceiling light you need, you can be sure to find it here at Downlights Direct.

Kitchen pendant lights

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Kitchen pendant lighting is becoming more and more popular with many kitchen owners, and for good reason. Pendant lights lend a unique look and feel to any kitchen, and they’re great if you want to give your kitchen a more ‘industrial’ and ‘vintage’ theme. Of course, kitchen pendant lights come in different kinds as well, and this includes the Intalite selection of ‘eye ball’ pendants in colours such as brushed copper, fern green, brass, white, and black; there is also the popular (and classic) LEDS-C4 Pendant Light in gold, and the LEDS-C4 Chandelier (Antique), which comes in either brass or white.

Kitchen spotlights

Kitchen spotlights are yet another lighting essential for any kitchen, as they serve to illuminate important areas and portions as well. Aside from this, kitchen spotlights can give your kitchen a thoroughly modern look and cosier ambience, and at Downlights Direct, you can choose from a variety of spotlights that include the Leyton Nimes Spotlight, which comes in either twos, threes, fours, or sixes and has a satin nickel finish, or the uniquely-designed Leyton Round LED Spotlight in 5s, with its beautiful curved and wave-like design.

Under-cabinet lighting

If you want your kitchen to not only to be beautiful but also fully practical and functional, then you’d also do well to install under-cabinet lights. This type of lighting adds a touch of style and elegance to your kitchen, and they’re inherently useful as well. From Forum Lighting Surface Mounted Under Cabinet Lights to Recessed Lights and another staff pick, the Thin Under Cabinet Surface Downlight Kit from Malmbergs, we have it all. The Thin Under Cabinet Surface Downlight Kit, in particular, has a depth of 6mm and comes in a set of three, with either a white or satin finish.

Plinth lights

Plinth Lights

Plinth lights for the kitchen are also a big hit nowadays, especially for those who want to give their kitchen a highly-personalised look. Actually, plinth lights are not only useful for kitchens – they can also be used for skirting boards and stairs, and are ideal as mood lighting. You can choose to have plinth lights in either warm or cool white, or, if you would like to be more adventurous, you can even choose plinth lights which change colour.

One factor which makes plinth lights a popular option for today’s kitchens is its affordability and its stylishness. If you want to ‘make a statement’ in your kitchen, plinth lights are the way to do it. Here at Downlights Direct, our plinth light selection includes the Flush Colour Changing LED Marker Light Kit, the Square LED RGB (Colour-changing) Marker Light Kit, the Chrome Mini LED Marker Light Kit, the Eyelid LED Marker Light Kit, and more.

When it comes to making your kitchen more practical, efficient, and attractive, as well as making it the best room in the home (next to your bedroom or living area), the right lights are crucial. And with the proper kitchen downlights, ceiling lights, pendant lights, spotlights, under-cabinet lights, and plinth lights, you have all the light you need.

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