JCC FlameGuard Downlights – End of an Era

JCC FlameGuard Downlights – End of an Era

JCC FlameGuard downlights arrived onto the lighting scene in 2014. The first in the series to enter the marketplace was the FGLED6, followed by the FGLED3, then the FGLED10. This great range of LED downlights had it all.

JCC-Flameguard Compared

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Backed with a confidence inspiring 10 year warranty for domestic use and 5 years for commercial use. They were fire rated, insulation coverable, IP65 rated and dimmable. They were incredibly popular and manufactured from reputable lighting manufacturer JCC Lighting.

As LED technology advances and times change, sadly the FlameGuard series time is up. JCC Lighting announced that the entire range is being discontinued, with the phase out starting in April 2018. The main reason behind this calculated decision is the JCC V50.

JCC V50 Downlight

The JCC V50 has all of the features of the FlameGuard series, with one other standout feature; it has two colour temperatures. Known as a CCT (correlated colour temperature) adjustable downlight, the V50 has a small dip switch located behind the bezel that allows you to switch between warm white 3000K and cool white 4000K. Usually this type of downlight costs more, but JCC have found a way to offer one downlight that does almost everything.

The JCC V50 gives consumers the opportunity to choose the colour temperature when it’s fitted, change it when they want to and back again whenever they want. For stockists like us, we only need to keep one downlight on the shelf along with the matching bezels.



This was a 35W halogen equivalent, with a lumen output of 320-380 lumens. There was an old version and a newer version of this product. The original older version wasn’t dimmable and looked like this:

The newer version was dimmable and looked like this:

The FGLED3 was also available in an adjustable.


Warm White 3000K

  • JC94301BN – Brushed Nickel
  • JC94301CH – Polished Chrome
  • JC94301WH – White

Cool White 4000K

  • JC94302BN – Brushed Nickel
  • JC94302CH – Polished Chrome
  • JC94302WH – White


This was the most popular of the Flame Guard series. A 50W halogen alternative with a lumen output of 450-500 lumens. It was available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions and in fixed and adjustable.

The FGLED6 was our highest rated downlight in terms of customer reviews with over 100 positive reviews.


Fixed Dimmable

  • JC94472BN – Brushed Nickel 3000K
  • JC94472CH – Polished Chrome 3000K
  • JC94472WH – White 3000K
  • JC94473BN – Brushed Nickel 4000K
  • JC94473CH – Polished Chrome 4000K
  • JC94473WH – White 4000K

Fixed Non Dimmable

  • JC94474BN – Brushed Nickel 3000K
  • JC94474CH – Polished Chrome 3000K
  • JC94474WH – White 3000K
  • JC94475BN – Brushed Nickel 4000K
  • JC94475CH – Polished Chrome 4000K
  • JC94475WH – White 4000K



With a brighter light output of 750-800 lumens, the FGLED10 also had a wider 60 degree beam output. This combination of brightness and beam spread enabled users to install fewer downlights as the wider beam spreads more light out further and consistently.



Warm White 3000K

  • JC94503BN – Brushed Nickel
  • JC94503CH – Polished Chrome
  • JC94503WH – White

Cool White 4000K

  • JC94501BN – Brushed Nickel
  • JC94501CH – Polished Chrome
  • JC94501WH – Whit

Warranty Replacements

If you’ve ordered a FlameGuard downlight that has failed and needs replacing, your first port of call would be to try get a replacement. These downlights were covered by extensive guarantee periods of 10 years for domestic and 5 years for commercial use. If the downlights have failed after 2 years you need to contact JCC directly to get a warranty replacement. Click here to view the JCC warranty page.



This has all of the best bits of the FlameGuard series and more. If you’re looking for a new LED downlight, for a new installation, the V50 is the ideal choice. With its bright lumen output of 600-650 lumens, the only downside it that it can be too bright for some applications. Smaller rooms for example often only need a 35W equivalent while the V50 is a 50W+ equivalent.

One of the other downsides is that the guarantee period of the V50 is only 3 years. This is also something that continues to happen in the LED lighting world. The battle of the price conscious versus guarantees and life expectancy, price won the battle.

It’s also supplied with a wiring connector as standard, wiring connectors have become a popular feature for LED downlights since the launch of the FGLED series.

Comparison Table

VersionWattageLumensGuaranteePrices Inc VAT
FGLED34.8W (with driver)320-380 lumens10 years£12.67
FGLED67.2W (with driver)450-500 lumens10 years£18.54
FGLED1012.4W (with driver)750-800 lumens10 years£22.03
V507.5W (with driver)60-650 lumens3 years£15.05
Other JCC downlights worth considering are the Hybrid series. These are integrated and interchangeable LEDs that give you the best of integrated downlight and GU10 technology.

The Hybrid7 and the Hybrid9 are the models to view in this range.

Farewell FlameGuard downlights, you’ve served us well but times are changing. The V50 is here to stay.


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  1. Gary Renfro

    Good Afternoon, so I have a faulty FGLED6 cool white down light on my porch which has faulted, where can I buy a replacement one.

  2. Ray Helm

    Hi I had 14 of the JC94472 down-lights fitted by an electrician. Three of them have failed in the last week. They are all still within the 5 year guarantee. My documentation is only the electrician’s invoice. Can you assist please

  3. Michael Jeremy Beling

    Thanks Chris for this information I have 18 of the JC94473WH in my kitchen one has failed. Spoke to JCC and they say can put a V50 on same circuit but must not use a dimmer. The main problem is the bezel size wonder if I can mod the V50 with old disk?

    1. I don’t think you’ll be able to change the bezel of the older downlights. If you’ve got a hole converter it might fit, or you could get a new one for the V50. The V50 has a small hole concealer ring or a bigger hole converter plate.

  4. Graham Pearcey

    I have installed 8 JCC 94172 FIRE GUARD LED 7 downlighters.
    Only four of these work.
    I did not test them before installing them, but suppose that they were duds.
    I purchased them from my local wholesaler about four years ago, and they have been kept in the house ever since purchase.
    I just didn’t get round to fitting them.
    I expect that I can find the receipt, given time.
    In fact, I think that it is in the box that they came in.
    These are probably no longer made.
    Will I have to take out all 8 and replace them with V50’s or can I just take out the 4, and replace just the four with v 50’s.
    I might be better to cut my losses, and opt for a better make. I have dimmer switches, but it is a big room, and the 40 degree 7w lamps aren’t that bright. So no point in fitting these dimmer switches, unless I put in higher lumen lamps.

    1. The FGLED7 is a very old mode, even older than 4 years I’d say. The FGLED6 came after those. The V50 is brighter now and a better unit.

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