When installing new lighting in a home, it's easy to forget just how important the right lighting is and one may find themselves simple choosing a fixture because it looks nice. While a nice looking fixture is essential, the type of lighting you choose to go with can often make more of a difference to a room than the room itself. These three lighting tips are sure to give any room a cosy glow.

1. Get Some Nice Lamps

Nothing says cosy lighting like a good lamp or three. While not always as practical as a simple overhead light bulb, table lamps give off just the right lighting for relaxing with a nice book after a long day. For bigger rooms, acquiring more than one table lamp is often a good idea to keep the aforementioned cosy lighting consistent throughout.

Table Lamp

2. Spotlights

Unlike standard recessed downlights, surface mounted spotlights focus their light onto smaller, predetermined areas, giving a lighting effect that you can adjust yourself. Not to mention, spotlight fixtures add a sleek, almost futuristic look to any home. These are particularly suitable in kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. They should be the first choice for those looking for a simple lighting solution.

Forum Harvey Triple Spotlight

3. Dimmers

Out of all of our lighting tips, this is without a doubt the most versatile. It doesn't matter what lighting setup you have, with a proper dimmer switch installed, you'll have lighting options for any occasion available at your fingertips. Whether you need a sharp, jolting light to get yourself going in the morning, or prefer a warm, cosy glow while winding down for bed, a dimmer switch will ensure you have both whenever you want.

Dimmer Switch

Lighting is simply the most important factor when determining the mood of a home or room. While many forget this and find themselves reaching for the quickest, easiest lighting solution, it's important to choose a lighting setup that reflects one's home and the mood which they wish to project. More so than flooring, furniture or curtains, lighting is the most crucial step to making the home you've always dreamed of.