Lighting fixtures can provide a much-needed accent to an otherwise stale housing design. Living room Lighting involves knowing the wide range of products available in the market. Utilizing both natural light and artificial lighting solutions, modern lighting has given birth to versatile products for varying design purposes. Through dedicated product delivery services like Downlights Direct, products such as downlights, ceiling lights, wall lights, and even floor lamps are laid out in their wide directory of lighting products that are available to spruce up your living room.

Ceiling lighting options

Various lighting fixtures can be added to your living room. Depending on the ambience that you’re looking for, whether it is for more formal business-oriented meetings, or for casual family gatherings, there’s a variety of choices for you to choose from.

Installing living room downlights is a popular choice suited to energy-saving lighting. Being a preferred choice for modern homes that opt not to show or reveal bulbs themselves similar to the usage of LED strips for backlights, downlights come in black or white matt finish which lets it blend in both contemporary and traditional homes. The Intalite New Tria XL Round downlight goes for a wattage as low as 50W. These also come in sets of two to four pieces for easier bulk purchase.

Living room ceiling lights are often credited for bringing more character to your living space. These fixtures vary in shapes and sized and can go from fixtures designed for studio apartments to fully-furbished homes. Allotting a little bit of headroom is necessary for much bulkier products but they offer a lighting need for more contemporary homes. The Ocho Ceiling light is an example of ceiling light made with a white opal polycarbonate with its own delicate design and finish fit for art deco-stylized studios. A modern choice would be the Adagio ceiling light made from polished aluminium that has anti-glare properties.

A third option for ceiling lighting is purchasing a living room chandelier. Considering its price ranging from 170 to 800 euros, the extravagant fixture is as expensive as it looks. For starters, you can look to a Firstlight Galaxy 8 light fitting chrome chandelier that can fit with almost anything but if you’re into more extravagant pieces like the Elstead Sutton Place living room chandelier dressed in silver frame and base is more for you. If you’re not looking to buy an entire chandelier, bulbs are also available in Downlights Direct’s catalogue of products like the Aurora Dimmable LED Candle Lamps to replace any broken product that you may already have.

One good note to consider in choosing the right ceiling fixture is to keep both the floor and ceiling aesthetic in sync with its consistency and practicality based on the lighting range of the product.

From the flooring to anything beneath the ceiling

Moving on from the ceiling, living room wall lights are often great choices for accent lighting which are mostly paired up with other pieces of furniture like shelves, hung décor, and mounted paintings. The popular Astro Kashima wall light is a common choice for any living space which comes in contemporary designs fit for a sleek backlight effect.

Strategically placing living room floor lamps in your lounge area is a much-needed source of lighting in your room. The Alsacia brand of table and floor lamps are good complements to sepia-toned living rooms while a Virginia brand table lamp could prove to spice up the room with its stark black contrast for highlights.