There are many frustrations people have with halogen and CFL GU10 bulbs. Halogen GU10 bulbs waste alot of energy and need to be replaced almost every year and whilst CFL bulbs save energy and last a bit longer, they struggle with not having the ability to achieve full brightness on launch.

By changing your existing gu10 bulbs to LED GU10 bulbs, it will  address your frustrations of needing to continually replace halogens and conserve you cash on replacement costs due thier exceptional energy effectiveness. LED GU10 bulbs also accomplish total brightness rapidly, which is far more energy efficient and gratifying than CFLs where you have to wait to in fact see exactly what you're doing!

GU10 bulb fittings are the most popular downlight fitting on the market and currently outsell the low voltage MR16 design fitting 8-1. They can be fitted in any variety of GU10 luminaires including recessed downlights, surface area installed downlights, track lights, area lights and wall lights. It is also the most hassle-free kind of bulb to fit considering that it does not require an included low voltage transformer (unlike MR16 design fittings) and will most often just 'plug and play' in any existing GU10 base. This likewise gives some convenience when a bulb 'breaks', as you understand it's simply the bulb and not any aditional hardware.

There are some LED GU10s that are colour changing, which are the only sort of GU10 bulb that can be controlled in this method. This would be of excellent benefit to anyone who desires total control over their lighting scheme and not be limited to mono-colour.

Four Vital Steps You Have To Follow When Installing Or Changing Your Bulb WIth GU10 LEDs

1. Examine your existing fitting. Keep in mind the measurements of your fitting where your brand-new bulb will go, as not all GU10 LED bulbs will fit. Note your existing wattage, given that this will definitely help you pick a similar LED in terms of the brightness.

2. Measure the height (from floor to ceiling). Do not worry if this is not possible as it is only recommended you do this and is not required for you to do it.

3. If you need help, call downlights direct where we can provide help and information about your existing fitting and your room measurements.

4. As soon as you have  picked your bulb, you can purchase with self-confidence over the phone or should you wish to, on our website.



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