During the new years eve celebrations lighting can make a huge difference to seeing out the year. To give guests a welcoming environment, where they can relax the following tips can be tried this new years eve;

Avoid Ceiling Lights

Unless there is a dimmer on it, it is better to avoid ceiling lights, as they can be too harsh and cold, not the atmosphere to create on a cold winter's night.

Low Voltage Coloured Light Bulbs

This adds warmth to the News Years Eve celebration. Go for a colour such as orange, red or yellow to add a festive ambience to the atmosphere.

A scented Candle

This not only gives natural light but has an inviting scent for guests with a calming feel to it. At this time of year the scent to go for is a spicy one and the choice of colour can also make a difference to the whole effect.

Candle Bulb

In the interests of health and safety with children around a candle bulb is also a good substitute for a real candle. The actual brightness of the light is not that much different to a real candle.

Ground Lights

These have also been referred to as dance floor lights. Ideal for party guests who want to dance the night away. They are discreet yet powerful and very welcoming for guests. LED ground lights also be used to light up pathway or patio. This is very inviting during the cold nights.

A new year's eve party should generally be comfortable, fun and welcoming. Guests should be able either sit and relax or enjoy a dance, lighting should enhance the atmosphere without overpowering it. At a new year's eve party lighting can make a difference to the whole celebration in terms of practicality, comfort and aesthetic quality. The choice of lights used should reflect the season, which using these tips would do. The winter can appear more vibrant, detracting from the cold and gloomy atmosphere.