How You Can Control Your Lighting Via Remote Or Your Smartphone

How You Can Control Your Lighting Via Remote Or Your Smartphone

This post will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can control your home lighting through either a remote or perhaps your smartphone/tablet. Not only can you control the various white light colour temperatures to provide your spaces with a different feel and look, you will also be able to control any type of RGB output thanks to the cutting edge setup of this LED lamp. Please watch the video below for a visual guide on this blog post:

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Just before you start, you will need a few things:

i) The RGB led bulb – This is the most vital thing you will need as without it, you will not be able to attain exactly what is outlined in this post. The LED bulb is available in both bayonet and screw-cap type fittings.

ii) RGB remote control Once all installed, this remote is what you use to control your different lighting setups, such as the colour temperature or RGB colour.

iii) Wi-Fi Receiver – If you want to manage your LED lighting through your smartphone/tablet, you will certainly have to buy the extra wi-fi receiver. This can be connecteded into your computer system or plug socket through a USB plug adapter.

Step-By-Step Guide.

Step 1. Install your LED RGB bulb.
As you would with any standard light bulb, ensure all the power is switched off to your light fixture. If you aren’t sure of the type of fitting you have and whether the RGB LED bulb will work, please contact downlights direct on 01706 521188.

Step 2. Match your RGB remote with the LED lamp.
Once you have installed your bulb in your room, switch the power back on. As soon as the light is illuminated, press one of the four ‘register buttons’ on the remote. The light will flash green to show that your remote has actually been coupled with your lighting.

Step 3. Control your lighting!
Now you have combined your remote with your LED bulb, you will have the ability to control your lighting as you please. At this point, it is all about experimentation when attempting to attain the appearance you want in your rooms.

Step 4. Pairing your smartphone with your RGB LED.
Unlike other RGB colour managed lighting, this product on offer from downlights direct can likewise be controlled by your android phone as well as you iPhone. The first thing you have to do on both your Android or iOS device is to download the free ‘Marlight’ app from the Apple app store or Android app store.

Step 5. Controlling your RGB LED with your smartphone/tablet (part 2).
With your app installed on your phone/tablet, the next thing you have to do is plug in the wi-fi receiver. Once plugged in, find the wi-fi network on your smartphone and connect to it.

Once linked, open up the Marlight app (that you downloaded earlier) and enter in the user details to pair up to your wi-fi receiver. The details can be found on the receiver’s box. When paired, repeat the exact same steps as the remote to pair your lighting (i.e. turn on light and press one of the four buttons).

You will now have the ability to control your lighting with your smartphone!

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