An LED strip is a lighting option that can totally change the way your bathroom looks like, but choosing the right type of LEDs can prove to be quite a challenge. Since LED strips come in multiple shapes and sizes, and feature different options and certifications, choosing the right model requires a basic understanding of their characteristics. Water resistance is one of the main factors to take into account when selecting the proper LED strip for bathroom lighting, and while there are multiple standards that ensure water resistance, the IP68 lighting options are by far the best choice.

What makes IP68-certified LED strips ideal for bathroom lighting is the fact that they come encapsulated into a silicon sleeve that makes them completely waterproof. Unlike other certifications such as IP65 or IP67, which only ensure splash protection and water jets protection, IP68 lighting options are adequate for complete water submersion, so opting for this model allows you to get a bit creative. For example, you can consider placing the strip on the inside of your shower cabin or behind the water taps in order to achieve an interesting effect when the water pours over the strip. What makes LED strips even more desirable over traditional lighting options is the fact that they can be cut into strips of various sizes, being perfect for fitting in any place you want. Another notable advantage of IP68 lighting strips is the fact that they come in two models: single-colour and multi-colour models, both of which can be fitted with dimmable controllers or wireless remote controls. As you can expect, the end result is nothing short of spectacular: whether you want normal lighting at full brightness, or a more relaxed atmosphere with dim lights and a colour-changing water fountain, the answer is just a push of a button away.
Overall, these IP68-certified LED strips are the ideal option if you’re looking for a bathroom lighting option that’s exquisite, customizable and, last but not least, affordable. "

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