With so many different kind of lighting apparatus on the market it can be difficult for consumers to choose. Such features as wattage, lumens, and beam angle influence the illumination in rooms. To further complicate things, certain lighting fixtures follow an international classification system for sealing the effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion of dust, tools, moisture and other foreign bodies into the equipment. The system uses the letters "IP" ("Ingress Protection") followed by two or three digits and lighting which adheres to current regulations are recommended. The first number of the IP code tells the degree that individuals are protected against contact with moving parts and to which degree equipment is protected against solid foreign substances intruding into an enclosure. The second number attests to what level of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture (i.e. submersion, dripping,spraying).

IP65 is is one such example of lighting in which the code indicates the equipment is dust tight and is protected from water projected from a nozzle, which makes IP65 down light particularly convenient for bathrooms.

Bathroom down lights are becoming more and more preferred as an discrete method of illuminating a bathroom. They are easy to install, flexible, and are sold in a slew of finishes to match the rest of the bathroom decor. With IP65 lighting, consumers can get both safety and style. From a contractor or electricians perspective such lighting is suitably IP rated and are available in main voltage and low voltage options. To obtain the IP rating, they are sealed with a gasket where they meet the ceiling and have a glass front. The bulb itself is held inside the fitting away from the glass, which prevents the glass getting hot and then shattering if water were to be sprayed on it. IP65 down lights can be used in every section including directly above a or bathtub or shower cubicle.

To summarize, IP65 lighting is practical, safe, waterproof, have the capacity to dim, and is and stylish. What more could one ask for from their bathroom lights? "


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