How Many Downlights?

Find out how many downlights you need to install and who is that suspicious looking character sat on the bed? MORE >

Can I Cut Around Thermal Insulation?

Can I cut around thermal insulation? MORE >

How Much Space Should I Leave Around A Downlight?

How much space should I leave around a downlight? Find out why some space is required. MORE >

What Is Better Warm White or Cool White?

What is better warm white or cool white? Find out about the pros and cons of each type, ranging from candle light to daylight. MORE >

Why Choose LED Lighting?

LED lighting is energy efficient and provides savings of around 90% when compared to halogen. MORE >

Are LEDs' Dimmable?

LEDs can be dimmed but not all of them are dimmable. First make sure the ones that you plan to order are suitable for dimming such as the Philips 5.5W Master GU10. Most LEDs are becoming dimmable as standard but for the time being make sure you check. MORE >

Which Beam Angle?

Most halogen and LED lights are available in a choice of beam angles. Low voltage halogen and MR16 LED bulbs have the most options to choose from. Ranging from a very narrow 15 degrees spot to a wider 60 degrees flood. A narrow beam angle makes the light more focused and intense. A wider beam angle will distribute the light better to more areas of the room. Knowing how to use beam angles correctly can vastly improve the lighting effect in a room. MORE >

What Is The Life Expectancy of An LED?

This varies from LED to LED and is used as a guideline rather than a guarantee . The shortest is currently 20,000 hours and the longest is 100,000 hours, although the Aurora M10 which was originally 100,000 hours but got reduced to 40,000 hours in 2014. MORE >

What Is The Difference Between Power LEDs' and SMD (Surface Mount Device) LEDs?

Power LED bulbs or downlights usually contain 3 or 4 high powered LED chips which combine to create a focused beam of light, usually with a 25 or 40 degree beam angle. SMD LED bulbs are made up of a cluster of very small LED chips, usually around 20 per bulb. SMD LEDs are often much cheaper and if you've ever compared SMD against a high quality power LED GU10 then you'll see why. MORE >

Can I Lay Insulation Directly Over Downlights?

Can I lay insulation directly over downlights? Find out why you shouldn't do this and how to deal with this issue. MORE >
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