Your Guide To LED Ceiling Fixtures

Your Guide To LED Ceiling Fixtures

A fantastic edition to any household, LED lighting is a product that personifies class for cash. We aren’t just talking about your standard halogen light bulb, a dreary yellow light in an oppressing shade. No, this is ground breaking LED technology that will significantly enhance your life for the better. Ceiling lights are the ideal way to modernise your home, in this article I’ll discuss the capabilities of LED ceiling lights within your living room.

Our demographic shows that people often consider furniture as the key visual impression to any living room. Whilst I won’t discourage readers from purchasing nice furniture, I really do believe that the correct use of lighting can fundamentally change the perspective of an entire room. Ceiling lights can become the main feature of any room if they are used correctly, let’s take for example, the JCC 3W Fire-Rated LED Downlight beautifully designed to give your living room a modern minimalistic feel. It doesn’t overshadow the rest of your living room it complements the design and style of recurring themes articulated among family homes. With positional adjusting lighting it literally gives you the power to highlight points of interest; you’re in control of what takes spotlight in your home.

Over time ceiling lighting has become less of an accessory and more of a central attraction to a room, from chandeliers to spot lights the spectrum of visual prowess is immense. I do recommend that the fitting has to coincide with your living room theme. A chandelier wouldn’t be as predominant in a modern living room and a modern lighting fixture wouldn’t compliment a Victorian style. At we include a selection of LED chandeliers, allowing you to purchase a classic and regal looking fixture with a 21st century twist. LED ceiling lights are both efficient and stylish. The fantastic warm colour they present is complemented by the crystallised glass beaming across the room.

As an alternative modern approach to the chandelier fixture you may well choose to invest in small LED spotlights, most people believe these are most suited to bathrooms. However they work perfectly in a living room environment, especially when paired up with a dimmer switch. I find that when using spot lights in the ceiling you have two positional options: sequence or randomised. The correct use of spotlights provide a lighting experience like bursts of starlight, with no visible fixture they are ideal for a minimalist modern living room. These are just two basic examples of how to fully incorporate LED ceiling lights, although they represent two different themes, modern and contemporary can even be blended with astonishing consequences.

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