The Most Complete Downlights of Our Generation

The Most Complete Downlights of Our Generation

Downlights Direct is proud to unveil the new range of insulation coverable downlights from Aurora Lighting. They are the most complete downlights of our generation. This is because they are not only fully fire rated, not only insulation coverable, not only supplied with both MR16 and GU10 lamp holders making them multi-voltage but also fitted with ventilation gaps.


Ventilation gaps allow the lamp inside to breathe, prolonging the lifetime of the lamp, particularly important when using expensive, longer lasting LED lamps. One of the main causes of LED failures is overheating so these ventilation holes could make the difference between an LED lasting 5 years or 20 years.

The Sola Universal downlights have now superseded  the older Sola range which had an aluminium heat sink. The new universal range is now fitted with a thermoplastic which is a more cost effective solution.

The universal design is supplied with both mains and low voltage lamp holders allowing GU10 or MR16 lamps to be fitted. This includes deeper low energy lamps such as the Philips 7W Master LED or 14W CFL lamps. Simply dispose of the lamp holder you don’t use.

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