If you're searching for a Lutron Grafik Eye lighting system, look no further. We are proud to stock an impressive selection of lighting control options for your perusal.

Lutron has been leading the way in automated lighting control systems and began by inventing the world’s first electronic dimmer switch back in 1961. Much has changed since then, most of which in the last few years mainly due to the arrival of LED lighting technology. LED lighting is great for reducing energy costs and providing a longer lasting, more energy efficient alternative to incandescent and halogen.

However, controlling and dimming LEDs has proven very difficult for many lighting control companies and anyone who has attempted it will undoubtedly have their own horror stories of flickering LEDs and various visits back to site to solve the problem.

Why Choose Lutron Lighting?

Lutron has been testing many LEDs with their entire range and found that some LEDs work great on some systems but don't work on others. In some cases installing a resistive load can solve the problem but this adds to the costs of the project.

One of the main questions we get asked is if a certain LED is Lutron compatible. There is no simple answer to this and it may depend on the following factors:

  • Which Lutron system are you using? Such as Rania, Grafik Eye or Home Works (to name a few).
  • Which LEDs are you using? Is it a mains voltage GU10 or integrated LED downlight?
  • How many LEDs are on the circuit? It could be a minimum load issue or even a maximum load issue.

Lutron have recently developed a system which has been almost purpose built for use with LED lights. The system is called Energi Savr Node (or ESN for short). The stand out product within this range is the phase adaptive module (QSNE-4A-D). This module is din rail mountable and has both leading edge and trailing edge outputs. It has the ability to detect which mode to use when LEDs are on the circuit. The first zone has a high wattage of 800W which is ideal for dealing with current spikes from LEDs, but more importantly it has a minimum load of just 0.2W!

The extremely low minimum load will undoubtedly become an industry standard within the next few years, but for now the ESN phase adaptive is a one of its kind. You will no longer need to install resistive or synthetic loads to a circuit to achieve a flicker free dimming ambiance.

Find Lutron Lighting at Downlights Direct

Downlights Direct is now a fully approved stockist of Lutron products including the popular lutron grafik eye system; our trained staff can deal with your enquiry and help you to make an informed purchase.

If you are new to automated control lighting systems and are wondering about the advantage of using Lutron over competitors such as Rako, Ilight or RF Lightwave here are a few key selling features:

  • A broader range of systems on offer, ranging from the basic Lutron Rania to the highly advanced Lutron Home Works.
  • Scene setting, link multiple circuits in a single room and at the press of an engraved button turn all the lights down to 50% or a mixture of your choosing.
  • Blind integration, we are now able to supply the Lutron range of battery powered blinds which can be integrated into the Grafik QS systems.
  • Over 50 years of expertise in advanced lighting control systems.
  • If Lutron or Downlights Direct don’t have the answer we have the ability to find out by performing tests to match the conditions and components of the install.
  • An almost never ending batch of add on units that will allow you to do virtually anything from gate control to controlling the entire lighting from your home from an Iphone or Ipad.

Here is a basic diagram showing how the components go together using LED downlights, LED strip lights and wall lights:

Lutron Grafik Eye Wiring Example

Looking for a similar home automation lighting system for your home or business? Contact our design team now on for more information on Lutron and many other smart lighting systems: 01706 521188.

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