CFL Lamps VS LED Lamps

In the home, power is king. This is why it is so important to know which lamps are the most efficient for your household needs, and your wallet's capacity.

The incandescent lamp has become almost obsolete in this world where we are more conscious of our changing climate, energy costs, and sustainable living. With the incandescent lamps out of the running, consumers are left with a choice between the two latest models of power efficiency. These are Light-emitting diode lamps, better known as LED lamps, and its counterpart the CFL Lamps, representing the compact fluorescent light variety.

The problem now is deciphering which lamp is of better use to you. Here are six points of relevant comparison.

An Overview of the LED vs CFL Lamps

1. The Light-emitting diode lamp was introduced in 1962, initially only emitting red light, however, their design has grown to include ultra violet, visible and infrared varieties. The compact fluorescent lights are known for visible light only.

2. The LED's are known to be more efficient than their CFL counterparts. This is proven through touch. You will notice that LED's remain cool unlike CFL's which are warm to the touch, this 'coolness' means that less energy is wasted.

3. LED lamps last longer than CFL's, having a lifespan is between twenty five and thirty five thousand hours compared to its rival's ten to fifteen thousand hours.

4. CFL's are able to emit light through three hundred and sixty degrees, whereas their LED counterparts are only able to use one direction, as a result it is considered to have limited usage.

5. CFL lamps are known to contain mercury, as a result the non-mercury containing LED's tend to gain an edge for their lower toxicity.

6. Lastly LED lamps can be illuminated instantly unlike CFLs which can take up to two minutes to achieve full brightness. Not only is this frusutrating for you, this is more evidence of energy being wasted.

Knowing these characteristics, will be an important when deciding which is right for you. Remember in your home, power is king, choose wisely.


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