LED Strip vs Under Cabinet Lights

LED Strip vs Under Cabinet Lights

Which is right – LED Strip or Under Cabinet Lights?

In lighting the home, there will be times when it may be better to use a particular type of light. For example, should under cabinet lighting or LED strip lighting be used to achieve the look being sought. There are advantages with each, especially when it comes to illuminating under a cabinet.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Placing lighting under a cabinet, shelf or similar surface provides a way of adding localised task lighting on to a work surface that complements other lighting in a room. It can reduce any shadow cast by the cabinets from overhead lighting.

Under a cabinet, the different types of task lighting can include – incandescent, fluorescent or LED lighting. Which is appropriate will depend on what kind of look is being sought. Each has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to performance and cost. By placing lighting under a cabinet, it can potentially serve as a night light especially if it is possible to dim it.

LED Strip Lighting

When it comes to lighting the home, light emitting diodes or LEDs are gaining popularity because they come in flexible strips and are very durable. They have a raft of benefits in that firstly they use very little electricity or produce much heat. Strip lighting is easy to set to set up. Having an adhesive backing they can quickly be applied anywhere about the home, including under cabinets. As a strip, it is simply a matter of cutting the strip to whatever size you want. Being programmable, strip lighting can also be set to show different light colours.

Which is right?

Both types of lighting are equally as good. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. LED strip lighting, has a number of different uses about the home. It is flexible and can be set up quickly and easily. Under cabinet lighting on the other hand is limited in its use about the home. It does however provide more choice when thinking about which bulb to use. Which type of light is right depends on what lighting effect is being sought.


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