In this article, we'll look at the different ways you can use the RGB LED bulb to create different lighting effects to scare and increase tension with your trick or treaters visiting your house.

Example 1: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

In Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, as in other horror films, the absence of light is an easy method to conceal animals, villains and eventually, construct stress. The mobility of the RGB LED bulb allows you to put a single source of light anywhere, like inside a Jack-o'-Light, developing dark spaces and eerie shadows for our imagination to cut loose.

Step 1: In the kitchen area, place a pumpkin, carved to your taste, on the counter and place your LED colour changing bulb inside. This can be a fast and simple way to summon the spirits of Halloween.

Step 2: To deepen the impact, put LED Strip fit under your cabinets and island/bar counter and change all your light fixtures with additional RGB LED bulbs.

Step 3: With all these lights in place, dim them down low and group them to the same setting, other than for the Jack-o'-Light (giving it its own, brighter setting), making it stand out in the pitch black.

Scene 2: Enter At Your very own Danger

All of us have huddled watching a terrifying movie at some point in our lives, begging the protagonist to not go down 'that' hallway. The fact we know it's hazardous is usually because of the lighting effects and the way it makes us familiar with prospective danger. In Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, the team made use of light to direct the audience's attention to the unknown, creating a sense of weird unease.

Step 1: To make this "something ain't right here" result in your house, replace your existing overhead lighting in your hallway with a colour-changing led bulb.

Step 2: Use the Marlight app to set your bulbs to a soft, fluorescent green to suggest discord and unpredictability and include a flicker effect making use of the strobe function. The mix of these tones includes an unbalanced and off-kilter stress, making it resemble there's something moving down the corridor.

Step 3: For an added shock, position a "fallen" lamp on the floor in the opposite entrance, casting a light uncharacteristically throughout the floor and wall.

Step 4: Utilise spooky halloween music with the haunting haze of a hidden smoke device or dry ice machine and your visitors will wish they hadn't dropped in.

Scene 3: Spooktacular Welcome

Horror movies usually have an iconic scene that specifies them. Such is the case with the scary classic, Carrie. In the climax, as Carrie loses control, the lighting of the school gym turns completely red, reflecting the blood spilled and the rage burning inside her.

Step 1: To recreate the mood in that final scene inside your home and offer your visitors and trick-or-treaters a spooky glimpse of what hides in the shadows, put yoru colour changing LED bulbs in your outdoor lights and in a couple of table lamps, put strategically behind your front window and hidden above your doorway.

Step 2: Making use of the Marlight app, produce two scenes-- one with a muted, "everything is regular" effect and the other with all of the LED Colour bulbs turned a blood-red tone.

Step 3: When your neighbors ring the doorbell, answer with the seemingly normal "all is well" light effect and after that, with your smart device in hand, rapidly switch scenes for a scare, flooding the entrance and living-room with intense, red lights.


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