As technology geared towards sustainable living has grown, one of the most important carriers of power, the lamp, has evolved with it. As a result there is a tendency to become overwhelmed by the differences in types and the challenge to find the most efficient one.

An example of this is the LED lamp, which among its group provides us with another variety, the dimmable LED lamps.


The dimmable gu10 led lamp is nothing more than a energy effective replacement for the halogen lamp, that is equipped with two pins at its base, also known as a bi-pin connector, not unlike that of the halogen lamp design. These lamps can be used in the lounge areas of homes, and even in the kitchen and are more cost effective than that of their halogen counterparts.

As its name suggests these lights are able to be turned lower, and can at times be accompanied by a module specific to dimmable LED lamps. Here are five advantages of switching to a dimmable gu10:

1. These LED Lamps do not contain mercury, as a result they are not only give off a bright glow, but a non-toxic one.

2. These gu10 lamps save energy, in fact the first changeover to these energy saving spotlights can have a significantly positive impact on the next energy bill that comes to your door.

3. Dimmable LED Lamps are available for use in different areas. They support not only visible light, but also ultra-violet and infrared as well.

4. GU10 makers are able to provide consumer with varied spectrums of the bright light. This ranges from cool white to very warm white, to encompass not only business atmospheres but also home environments.

5. LED dimmable lamps run at approximately 5 watts, this is significantly lower than the more energy consuming 50 watts halogen lamps.

This information is a start to not only understanding the dimmable LED lights but using this knowledge to make a decision to become energy conscious. Saving a few dollars along the way is just a bonus.


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