If you are looking for a true low energy replacement for a low voltage halogen then look no further. The Philips 7.5W MR16 LED bulbs are one of the brightest lamps currently available producing 660 lumens. Unlike many other inferior brands if Philips say it's 660 lumens then it is and they've got the photometric data to back it up. If you are ever comparing SMD LEDs to the high power LEDs we sell you often see over inflated lumen outputs without any data to back it up.

Philips MR16 LED
Philips MR16 LED

Many satisfied customers believe that the Philips 7.5W MR16 is as bright, if not brighter than a 50W halogens. By switching to LED you will save 85% in energy and have a longer lasting light bulb. By choosing a brand like Philips you don't have to compromise on the super bright lighting effect that the halogen provided.

Unlike most MR16 or MR11 LED lamps, the Philips Master range operates on AC (alternating current) voltages, meaning that they will work with your existing low voltage transformers. You don't have to use a special LED driver like you do with other low voltage MR16 LEDs. However, we now offer the Integral LED and Crompton Lamps versions which also operate on AC.

Low voltage lamps (this includes LEDs or halogens) are around 30% brighter than their mains voltage counterparts - GU10 LEDs and are available in a variety of beam angles; ranging from a narrow but intense 24 degree beam to a 36 degree flood. We now have three colour temperatures to choose from; 2700K extra warm white, 3000K standard warm white and 4000K cool white.

Philips LEDs in general offer superb colour rendering with a CRI of 80 across all of the MasterLED range. For an even higher colour rendering index we can offer a GU10 mains voltage version that reaches 90 CRI, this lamp is ideal for certain commercial applications such as museums or butchers etc.

The main benefits of MR16 LEDs is that they can be used as a retrofit solution for existing halogens. But the downside of them is that you usually have replace your existing transformers which adds to the costs and involves wiring. Most consumers are converting their existing halogen low voltage MR16 downlights into mains voltage GU10 downlights, by using a converter kit like this:

GU10 Converter Kit with Fast-Fix Terminals

While it might seem like an easy option to just replace a halogen with an LED, it usually backfires unless your existing transformers are LED compatible and not many are - apart from the Varilight series found below:

Varilight transformer
Varilight Low Voltage Transformer